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UFO issues and updates


White House Press Association has blocked any and all questions to President Obama regarding Extraterrestrials and UFO’s. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs seems to be in the front end of this most recent cover-up attempt.

They’ve created a internal “self-censorship” operation that is designed to allow NO questions regarding Extraterrestrial or UFO issues to ever reach the United States President or the Presidential Press Secretary in the press briefing room or in any Presidential press conference.

And don’t be gullible and think that our Government is ONLY blocking UFO questions; there are many issues that they don’t want to address. I need to express kudo’s to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and his TruTV television show, “Conspiracy Theory” that has been the most truthful show in the media in a long, long time.

He has a legit background in the government and knows first hand of the corruption that even reaches the upper echelon, corruption at a very scary level. I’d like to publically invite Jesse Ventura to reach out to the “horror fans” which are some of the most loyal fans in the world, and there’s a lot of us, and be heard here at Horrornews.net and Unexplained Confidential.


Location : Germ Books + Gallery, LLC., 2005 Frankford Avenue (between Norris and Susquehanna
next to Rocket Cat Café), Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

In 2000, Richard published UFOS AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE: AN UNCLASSIFIED HISTORY, 1941-1973 (republished in 2002 with the subtitle CHRONOLOGY OF A COVER-UP, 1941-1973).

This 500-page history provides clear detail on the major UFO cases of the early Cold War era, the attitudes and policies toward UFOs by the military and intelligence community, and the fascinating development of the citizen movements to end UFO secrecy.

In 2009, Richard completed Volume Two of his historical study, subtitled THE COVER-UP EXPOSED, 1973-1991. In this 638-page follow up volume, he provides not only incredible detail and clarity to the key UFO events of that era – he also provides a sophisticated analysis of the politics concerning UFOs – in other words, the cover-up. In addition, he provides a first-ever true history of UFO research itself: a genuine history of ufology.

With over 1,000 citations and 1,400 index entries, this second volume is a landmark achievement in the field of UFO research, written in a clear and engaging style designed for newcomers and experienced researchers alike.

Richard has done a great deal of television work, having appeared on many documentaries and shows for the History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, CNN, BBC, and elsewhere. In 2006 he was host to a six-episode series for the Sci Fi Channel called SCIFI INVESTIGATES.

MSNBC recently raised the questions of, “Could aliens already be on Earth? “

Of course they are! They’ve been here for millions of years. The first intelligent life form to walk on our planet was not human, not at all. We’ve been seeing for years in the research community, from scrolls to cave sketches, very real indications that UFO’s and Extraterrestrials were here. Now, as much as our Government tries to deny it, science still tries to embrace it.

Things are not always what they seem. You think of aliens and you think of THE GREYS most likely, and think of “intelligent” life, but there’s more than that, isn’t there? If they’ve made contact with us already, and it would be simply to think that they didn’t, they would have left a “footprint”.

Oh, maybe not a physical footprint, like a three toe footprint in your backyard, but they definitely left something behind. Jill Tarter, the director of the SETI Institute’s Center for SETI Research, says that the idea of alien microbes have been discussed for awhile. If you think about it, it only makes sense. Just like human’s carry around bacteria and disease specific to humanity.

Our alien counterparts are sure to carry around alien bacteria and alien disease. Where might one find this “alien bacteria”? Some might say it’s hiding deep in the ocean, but I think we can look a little closer to home. There are tons of case studies done on alien abduction, and while the victims carry around mental evidence, I believe they carry around a bit more. In the true cases of alien abduction, there could be a physical exchange, a “footprint” left behind.

Humans may in fact walk around after these abductions as carriers of a new form of bacteria or virus, contracted by their alien abductors. It’s something to take a closer look at. Now I have my own take on the subject matter and my own opinions but if you would like to read the MSNBC article, click here


A pioneer in the field, Frank Drake, conducted the very first organized search for alien radio signals back in 1960. His recent studies show that we’ve become a quieter planet. Earth used to generate mass amounts of loud noise into outer space. In our current society, technology has changed the way we send information. Digital cable has taken the place of Analogue television, which uses a far weaker signal, therefore its ability to reach outer space is limited. There are other factors too, like Satellite Radio and Television which also reduces intergalactic noise. What this means is, it reduces are chances for intelligent alien life to find our signal out there in outer space… that is, if they haven’t found us already?

MSNBC recently listed Eight UFO Cases that generate buzz.

(1)1897: Did an airship crash in Aurora, Texas? (2) 1947: The ‘flying saucer’ sighting (3) 1947: The Roswell incident (4) 1952: UFO buzz hits Washington (5) 1967: Malmstrom missile site shuts down (6) 1980: A diamond in the sky (7) 2008: Did fighter jets chase Texas UFOs? (8) 2009: blazing pinwheel that appeared in Norwegian skies

For the complete article, click here


There are millions of UFO stories out there but here is just one. January 19th, 2010, 5:39pm I just got done work and I was driving down Greentree Road in Marlton, New Jersey.

I’m wondering if anyone else saw this, but regardless I had really never seen anything like it before. It was in the distance a couple miles out and it looked like white fire just falling from the sky leaving a long trail behind it. It was dark out, so it very visible just because of how bright it was.

If you are familiar with the area, I was on Greentree Road approaching Rt. 73 and the object was to my left right over the AMC Marlton 8 movie theatre, but more in distance. It reminded me a firework falling but this seemed thicker.

Was it a UFO? It dropped straight down from the sky and it wasn’t visible very long, maybe 1 or 2 seconds. I assume what I saw was a falling star but I had never really seen one before, so I can’t say for sure. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning, you know, especially since I write this column.

I’m not sure that would really be considered a movie theatre experience, but I did witness it over top a movie theatre. I thought I’d put this question out there to my Horrornews friends, “What is YOUR most memorable movie theater experience going to see a horror movie?” – Or those of who dare to answer a much more important question, “Have you ever seen a UFO?” email me your stories.

There is so many cool things coming soon. I have some amazing new interviews currently over in our Exclusive Horrornews Interview section and more to come.

If you are in the horror community and would like to be featured on Horrornews, don’t hesitate, just drop me a line. Plus, I’m always on the look out to talk to people in the paranormal realm. I don’t want to give anything away, but I have a MAJOR announcement that I will make here on Unexplained Confidential in the coming weeks. This is going to be BIG!

Later F’N’ Later,

– Director of Unexplained Confidential
– Chief HorrorNews Interviewer

Originally posted January 2010

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