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Magazine Review: Girls and Corpses Magazine – Issue 4

by Robert Steven Rhine
Published by G&C Magazine
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Color – 78 pages
Price: $8.95

Back for more from the dead lunacy!!

First up on our roster is the lovely Miss Melissa Jones (AKA Mistress Malice) with an excusive interview and some eye popping photos. Cover model and inside spread make this a keeper if not for her assets alone. Malice tells us about growing up in Texas and all here favorite horror icons.

Moving on we talk with Madame Talbot know as the merchant of Death who shows us her unique brand of goods, coffin boxes and assorted poster designs. A trip to old school with a ode to Edward Gorey thrown in.

Of course every issue comes with G&C’s unique brand of death humor and cartoon crazies. Beyond just about every article you’ll find another made up advertisement or gory bound cartoon featuring the humor of Mr. Rhine. Add to that little page tidbits like “25 Ways to Tell that Your Dead” , “Reach around America”, “Hand Job Puppets” and “Celebrity Death Poll”

Party like a RotStar, imagine a back seat filled with Gen of the Genitorturers, Angela Ryan nd MetaL Sanaz! G&C got the girls together for a corpse-filled photo shoot and some quickie questions with Gen.

Annie our friendly mortician gives us some insight into her daily routine and workload, Handling bodies all day long has to have its share of interesting stories. Good thing G&C were there to catch a few! Annie tells us about cadavers, decomposition and the smell of death.

Satanic Sluts! Did you know the black order is growing with a final goal of 666 members? Well its also a pretty macabre modeling ring …check it out!

“Happy Ending Corpse Massage”. A favorite section of mine. Brooke Brown and Michele Ehrman pose it up for some titalating poses with a local corpse. Oh, wait was there a corpse in those pictures?

“Slice of Life” talks with real life cutters who enjoy a good slice here and there to take out there aggressions. Geeh and that’s what they do for fun! A bunch of young ladies talk about there obsession with “cutting” and getting thru the day to day.

“Infernal Torture devices” are profiled in Erik Ruhlings new book…ouch! Good thing we’ve matured past the inquisition.

Last but not least, we get to sit down with Mr. Dead guy and his special band of ventriloquist dummies. Suzzan Blac has quite a sense of vision, in a recent interview she shows us some of here masterpieces and talks about a bit about here art process.

Of course G&C couldn’t leave ya without giving you some new music act to check out. In this issue he talks with the Horrifics!

Available at Girls and Corpses

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