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28 Months Later Rumors

There are still talks about another sequel to the ever popular 28 days later. In following the theme of days, then weeks, the next film is naturally being called 28 months later. While this is exciting it’s also disappointing that in the three years since 28 weeks later was released this film is still in the talking stages. However the good news is that Danny Boyle himself said he would like to return to direct this latest film. He was the visionary behind 28 days later and went on to win an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire. Having someone of his caliber in the directors chair would certainly lend a lot to this film. with his current schedule though this would not happen soon. That’s fine for now because there is no plot yet and nothing concrete but my hope is that we can create some buzz around this film to let the studios know this is something worth pursuing. Keep the hope alive.

Source: upcominghorrormovies.com

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