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Interview: Creep Creepersin (The Monster Killer Club)

Creep Creepersin is a busy man. In addition to his normal, everyday writing, directing, and producing gigs, the horror-styled everyman is gearing up to star in his own self-written and directed web series, The Monster Killer Club, which is set to make its debut for DreadCentral.com on October 20th.

Needless to say, Creepersin is pretty excited. “I’m extremely pumped, man! This is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what happens. As far as web series’ go, the first real one I did was in 2007 called Decomposing Jack. It’s one of my favorite things I have ever done, but I think it was kinda ‘out there.’ It went right over everyone’s head I think. It was too weird.”


Of course, anyone who’s familiar with Creepersin’s work with such films as Orgy of Blood, Caged Lesbos A Go-Go or Vaginal Holocaust should, at this point, expect the weird. And the ‘out there.’ And the completely freakin’ nuts. It turns out that Monster Killers Club is an idea which has been running ‘round Creepersin’s head for some time now.

“It HAS been running around for a very long time,” says The Creep. “It all came to be because I had a club in the third grade called the Monster Killers Club. I had just seen The Monster Squad and that flick changed my life. I thought it was 100% real, and that that could totally happen, so I got some friends together and we started preparing. When I was writing these episodes over the summer, I found my file with all my pictures and homemade manuals on monster hunting. It was pretty cool!”

He continues,” The story behind how DreadCentral.com got attached to it is my co-star and producer Buz Danger Wallick and I were getting drunk in my kitchen, and I was telling him ideas for movies I wanted to do. MKC came up, and he said, ‘you should do a web show of that.’ Two seconds later he said, ‘I bet Dread would want to do something with this,” and before I was finished making my next drink, he was on the phone with Jon Condit, and we pitched the show, totally drunk and they loved it! Things happen in the strangest ways sometimes!”

Though Creepersin has his eyes focused on a bevy of different projects (“I got my fingers in a lot of pies, so I could be making a movie tomorrow, or a cartoon for Nickelodeon.”), the man is determined to stay busy within whichever creative endeavor comes his way…even if his heart admittedly lies in one specific place.

“Being a writer/director is nearest and dearest, for sure. It’s very gratifying. I love making music with my band—the new Creepersin album is almost done—but there is something about making a film that is so different and so mind-blowing. The old Universal monster movies were my first, ‘I want to do that!’ moment, but David lynch was the first director that ever blew me away. Lately, I wrote Perfectus which has Danny Trejo and Malcolm McDowell attached…that is a wild ride man! Also I am directing Renegade: Rebel Patriot which is an action comedy with Jonathan Laughran and Peter Dante.”

“Funding is always the problem,” he adds. “There’s never enough money to do what you want. The only reason that I have been able to make what I have made is because I can give a little here and a little there. If we don’t have enough money for a certain shot, I’ll do it on the next film. It just a big give and take.”

With season one of Monster Killer Club in the can and a second season already scheduled to start filming, however, Creep Creepersin doesn’t look to have much rest ‘n relaxation in store any time soon.

“I’ve wanted to make this since 2006…seriously! We had about two weeks of pre-production and shot in July. It was pretty smooth, except for after the second day of shooting a few people got the flu and we had to put off shooting for about a week. We shot for three days and shot seven episodes. So with that said, MKC is film length, and done in three days, so I guess it was pretty normal. But acting and directing a show which happens to be a mockumentary is different…challenging. Also, it was different because I cost more than my low budget things have and that shocked me.”

“Hopefully we will start shooting in December or January for the second season,” concludes Creepersin. “I am geeked about how it’s turned out so far. Everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s hysterical, and it’s hard to judge when I don’t think I’m a comedian and I don’t know what gags work and such. But the reaction so far has been great!”

The first episode of Monster Killers Club debuts at DreadCentral.com on October 20th, running weekly until the last episode airs on December 1st, 2010.

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