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Film Review: The Resort (2021)

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Four friends head to Hawaii to investigate reports of a haunting at an abandoned resort in hopes of finding the infamous Half-Faced Girl. When they arrive, they soon learn you should be careful what you wish for.


Directed and written by Taylor Chien (Cornered), The Resort opens with a security guard checking things out and then his fellow security guard friend scaring the crap out of him. Oh, and something drags him down a hallway. Whatever it is, it’s something supernatural and creepy.

Oh good, a birthday party. Four friends are celebrating and getting ready to go on a trip. Chris played by Brock O’Hurn, Lex (Bianca Haase), Sam (Michael Vlamis), and Bree (Michelle Randolph). They are planning this trip, talking, having fun.

Meanwhile, we get a few flashback scenes and scenes of Lex being interviewed by a Detective portrayed by Dave Sheridan. These four friends are heading to Hawaii to investigate an abandoned resort. WHY? I mean, okay, I get it. Before quarantine, I was literally in a prison on a paranormal investigation. But, it’s Hawaii, so much beauty, so many amazing humans, food, places to see. I would just head to the beach and stay put.

But I still get it, wanting to investigate the unknown. They watch a video podcast, could be a YouTube video? There are all sorts of strange things happening in Room 306, and one spirit known as the “Half-Faced Girl.”

The only known access to the island is on a small fairy boat, HELLO, have we seen, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer? The detective interviewing Lex looks like DAVE SHERIDAN! Okay, forget the boat, it’s a helicopter. The helicopter pilots got lots of jokes. Here’s here all week. The scenery is beautiful. I want to travel the world, see Hawaii. It looks amazing.

STAY ON THE TRAILS. “There’s no one to help and no cell phone reception.” The group is dropped off at this island. The helicopter pilot leaves. Let the fun begin. They all talk about different topics as they head to the resort. The island is beautiful.

Sam and Lex are walking and talking. Chris and Bree and trailing behind walking and talking. They are lost, and find a beautiful waterfall. (Nothing like skinny dipping. Safely, of course people.) They flashback to Lex telling this detective what went on while they were on the island.

Back to the island. The group shares what they believe about ghost and some things they’ve experienced. So, after some shenanigans, they continue on to get to the resort. They make it to the resort. It’s huge and abandoned. The group roams around and checks everything out. Chris and Lex seem like the practical ones. Sam and Bree are free spirits.

It’s getting dark and Lex doesn’t have her bag, they don’t know what part of the resort they came in, and Sam doesn’t want to get dirty. This is kind of Horror 101, the horror stereotypes. The wild child, free spirit, the practical one… etcetera.  They found Lex’s backpack and a whole bunch of chaos.

This paranormal malevolent spirit has started wreaking havoc. This resort is so big, there are so many rooms and places to go. I’m not quite sure why they are going further in to the resort but they are. Is it the “half-faced girl”? Whatever this spirit is, it’s possessing Sam now.

The Resort has some fascinating effects and make-up. Lex is telling the detective what happens in the hospital, and it gets a little crazy. Is it a dream? Are we hallucinating? Lex notices something on her phone while snapping pictures of the Detective, she sees something weird, and well is it over? Will there be a sequel?

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IMDB – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12163074/











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