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Film Review: Blood Conscious (2021)

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A vacationing family turns the tables on a mass shooter who claims to be fighting demonic forces.


Panic Fest 2021 has such a great line-up of films by some excellent filmmakers. Timothy Covell wrote and directed Blood Conscious.

We meet the Tony, Brittney, and Kevin. Brittney and Kevin are brother and sister. Tony and Brittney are engaged. They are heading to the family cabin. (What could possibly go wrong?) Brittney (DeShawn White), Tony (Lenny Thomas), and Kevin (Oghenero Gbaje) are hoping for a peaceful, happy weekend. (I’m nervous and the movie just started.)

They arrive at the cabin and Brittney and Kevin are trying to find their parents. They encounter ‘The Stranger’ (Nick Damici). Kevin finds their parents, Mom (Annette Adams-Brown), Dad (Jean-Remy Monnay) are dead. This mysterious stranger is killing everyone.

The Stranger wants to know if they are demons or humans? This is wild. Timothy Covell delivers a twist with Blood Conscious. The Stranger takes off but they keep finding more and more dead bodies and he took the car keys. How is this man just walking around killing people and there is nobody around to notice?

(I would say they should start walking, and go for help but lord knows where The Stranger is at? This is scary, everybody is dead, and The Stranger took their phones. Brittney wants to go and get help so Tony decides to go alone. He’s going to head towards the highway for help. Brittney and Kevin stay behind.

Kevin seems too calm; this is making me nervous. Tony makes his way towards the highway and he finds remnants and pieces of phones. (Oh lord, go back Tony, go back, turn around!) Oh, it just gets worse. It gets worse. Nick Damici (Dark Was The Night, Stake Land, Hap and Leonard) is really playing this killer stranger role with gusto.

Tony’s had enough of this. A person can only handle so much. The Stranger thinks there are demons coming. Tony gets The Stranger in the basement. Brittney is doing what most of us do in some situations, put music on and just let it be. Kevin finds a way to talk to the stranger through the vents in the floor after they overtake him and get him in the basement.

Lenny Thomas (The Enemy Within, The Punisher, Ruthless) put his heart in to his role of Tony. He isn’t jumpy or nervous. This makes the story fascinating and sort of takes a different path from what would happen in a horror movie.

“It’s not stupid, it’s cautious”, words of wisdom. One of the neighbors shows up. Margie (Lori Hammel) goes inside with Tony, Brittney, and Kevin. Tony wants Margie to explain what happened. DeShawn White (Jessica Jones, Goldie) portrays Brittney with compassion. There is some humor peppered in to keep the movie going.

Kevin is questioning Margie’s behavior. (so, I’m not the only one?!) Oghenero Gbaje is doing such a good job playing Kevin. If it’s a demon, is it possessing other people? Okay, so was The Stranger possessed? Is isolation too much? (Oh, Co-Vid, please stay safe everyone.) What, or who is in the woods?

It’s scary being in the middle of nowhere, even though you know where you are, you are still feeling that nervous hint of isolation. You get that feeling of being alone and even though it may be peaceful and you’re on the water. It can still be terrifying. Blood Conscious gives out this awareness.

Brittney is trying to figure out what is going on. Okay, Timothy Covell gave us another twist. I kind of expected this. Just when you think things might get a little better, NOPE. That’s not happening. I love the songs in the movie. I think maybe there should be more or a sequel? I would recommend checking out Blood Conscious and Panic Fest 2021.

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