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Film Review: Pulse (2017)

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A gay disabled teenage boy changes into the body of a beautiful woman, so that he can be loved in Pulse, available this June from Dark Star Pictures. Directed by Stevie Cruz-Martin and written by Daniel Monks, this critically acclaimed Australian supernatural drama will compel with its wholly unique storytelling and award-worthy performances. Featuring powerful turns from Caroline Brazier, Daniel Monks, and Scott Lee, Pulse  is an “innovative” (Gay Themed Films), “unique and interesting” (SWITCH) film that is available for Pride Month.


Directed by Stevie Cruz-Martin and written by Daniel Monks, we meet Olly played by Daniel Monks. He is in the hospital getting ready for surgery and we see some flashbacks/images. In a world where bullying and mental health care are overwhelming. This movie may not have an intentional message but, it’s meaningful. Jacqui (Caroline Brazier) plays Olly’s mom. Olly finds out he may need a hip replacement and his bone may deteriorate. Jacqui is with him and she is optimistic.

“Squats don’t do diddly-squat” – Olly, writers are beautiful people. His mom wants to throw him a party before surgery. The party is a bust. Olly’s friends visit him in the hospital and he seems lonely and he’s in pain. He has been looking into body transplants. When you do have surgery, its strange what goes through the mind? The thoughts you process in seconds. As they wheel you into an operating room. You smell the different smells and see a doctor and nurses.

Olly has a new body, Olly is a new person now yet, Olly is Olly. Jaimee Peasley plays Olivia and his friends come to see Olivia now. Britney (Isaro Kayitesi) is Nat’s friend. Britney, Nat (Sian Ewers) and Olivia have a “girls’ night.” Nat is compassionate yet weary and worried.  This is such a trippy movie; you go back and forth from Olly to Olivia.

There is a perspective from both sides, being Olly and then being Olivia. Olivia lived it up at the party and had fun. But, back at school things are not going so well. Olivia is revealing secrets to Britney which doesn’t seem to be helping. Daniel Monks and Jaimee Peasley are doing a good job at playing the same person with the mannerisms. Olivia reveals something to Luke, the best friend played by Scott Lee. Sex is incredible but it’s not all love.

Olly is a mess and now there is a situation with Jacqui’s boyfriend. The quest to be loved and pushing friends away. This movie felt like one of those movies that’s an entire dream and then the person wakes up. It has a good message. It deals with a lot. The human being in general, mental health, sex, love, lust, human connection, and there is a message in there somewhere if you are searching for one. People have feelings, they love, they want to be loved and we are all fighting some kind of battle as they say. Be kind to one another. (not to sound cliché)

Pulse is available June 2 On Demand from Dark Star Pictures.
Make sure to check out Pulse.

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