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Book Review: Ghostbusters: Artbook | Insight Editions

Ghostbusters, the iconic movie of 1984, is one that has left impact upon generation after generation. Considered a staple film for its time, Ghostbusters was a movie that combined comedy, horror, and fantasy in a perfect way uniting us with its stellar characters (and the cast that played them). Never slowing its pace as a much loved favorite that has inspired countless views, Ghostbusters lived up to its era boasting an extremely likable style and presentation for its time. Today, it stills holds up for the many generations that have followed.

This is why the idea of a book that pays tribute to this great film resonates with each and every image inside. The teams of Insight Editions and Sony Pictures Products has recognized this need on the cusp of a new entry into the franchise titled “Ghostbusters Afterlife”. Now while the release date of the film may have been moved back due to circumstances, we can still enjoy the classic imagery of yesterday re-envisioned for our enjoyment.

The imagery I speak of is a collective of some of the greatest artists and illustrators in the world who have come together to contribute their illustrated versions and interpretations of the classic scenes of Ghostbusters.

All your favorite moments and references are here to see as the book moves from images that could easily be alternate posters, to artistic renderings of moments through out the film. All the iconic references are here ranging from the Ghostbusters team itself, to the ghostly librarian to “slimer”, “Gozer and the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”. The original cast is illustrated in a variety of ways that clearly demonstrates the artists love for these characters (as well as our own).

If it’s style, then you’ve got your share ranging the gamut of pen and ink, acrylics, computer, oil paintings and just about every variety of illustrative process you can think of.

What is even ore intriguing is the difference in artistic renderings and what each artist finds to be their relationship with the film.

Ghostbusters: Artbook” is not another film photography and behind the scenes collective, it is a new presentation of classic moments presented as imaginative new illustrative pieces.

That which could be easily called a perfect coffee table book, “Ghostbusters: Artbook” is not only chock full of vivid colored imagery, but is an impressive mammoth size edition of 208 pages. The book features a hardbound cover coming in at a 9.25 x 12.75 size that is sure to garner many interested lookers who additionally appropriate the value of this book.

The book additionally features an introduction by director Jason Reitman, the talent behind the upcoming Ghostbusters Afterlife and son to original creator Ivan Reitman, the man who brought us the Ghost busters franchise.

It’s a special release inspired by pop culture and the things you love best about the film.

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Ghostbusters: Artbook

Product Description

Celebrating the legacy of the pop culture classic, Ghostbusters, this deluxe, hardcover art book features an ectoplasmic jackpot of brand-new, exclusive artwork inspired by the most iconic paranormal investigators in cinematic history. Bringing together brilliant artists from animation, comics, fine art, and beyond, Ghostbusters: Artbook showcases incredible artwork inspired by the iconic 1984 film. Filled with unique interpretations of fan-favorite characters such as the Ghostbusting team, Slimer, Gozer, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, this deluxe art book shows that decades later there’s still only one team to call—Ghostbusters!

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