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Film Review: Mon Mon Mon Monsters (Guai guai guai guaiwu!) (2017) – Review 2


“In MON MON MON MONSTERSa group of classmates doing community service discover two flesh-eating creatures hiding in an old building. One of the creatures is able to escape, but they capture the other one, torturing her while trying to learn what she really is. It soon becomes clear that the first creature’s escape has dire consequences, as she hunts them down and stops at nothing to free her sister.”


Written and Directed by Giddens Ko, Mon Mon Mon Monsters! is wild. The creatures, the scenery and images in the film are fantastic. Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai, Yu-Kai Teng, James Lai, Meng Tao, Bonnie Liang, Carolyn Chen, Yan-xi Hou, Kai Ko, Vivian Sung star in Mon Mon Mon Monsters!

Mon Mon Mon Monsters! is a Shudder original. The Blu-Ray is out now and you can watch the movie on Shudder right now. The Blu-Ray art is incredible.

Lin (Yu-Kai Teng) is in all sorts of mischief. Ms. Li (played beautifully peaceful by Carolyn Chen) is trying to help Lin. His classmates… not so much. These kids are getting into all kinds of nonsense. They are supposed to be helping “the elderly” and not tormenting them. Lin and his friends enter a veteran’s room and find something interesting. Maybe they should have left that alone.

Curiosity got them. They decide to go back in the middle of the night. The door just opens, that always means trouble. (You can yell at the TV all you want.) The found something. This is nerve-wracking. A human? creature human?  shows up in the dark and starts a crazy chase. The added music and the way they filmed the scene is great.

The effects are gory and the way contorting of the bodies is insane. The fact that each kid is holding the creature hostage with basketballs, musical instruments, a shovel and more is funny. It gives the movie a bit of a light-hearted moment. “Owning a monster is awesome.” The creature is cool, different from most of our monster creatures we have seen. Giddens Ko gave us something to ponder.

These kids captured this creature, (her sister is the other creature.) chained it up. Where is humanity?! The Veteran is awake, in his uniform and he sees the other creature. There is a sword, a lady yelling and the veteran gets in a good gory swing.

The creature isn’t a vampire, a zombie? What is it? The kids are trying to figure this out. The creature has feelings and I imagine that the other creature is going to come for its friend. Lin had turned to research. He wants to find out who the creature is. She was a human before she becoming the fanged contortionist.

Lin finds compassion for the girl turned creature. When they give her blood or she gets the scent of the blood, her eyes grow. Lin sits and has bubble tea with his JOKER make-up on and the creature drinks her blood. There is a powerful scene with one of the kids and Carolyn Chen who portrays Ms. Li with grace and the calmness of the ocean.

Ren-hao (Kent Tsai) decides to get rid of his teacher. He uses the monster’s blood to infect the teacher and this leaves Lin with a severe distrust for his “friends.” Lin is losing his mind. He has compassion and wants to free the creature; the friends don’t believe he could. The second creature is looking for her companion.

The other creature found the kids on the bus and she is WRECKING EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe while the most beautiful version of “My Way” plays in the background. I don’t know if I want to cry or scream. This is INSANE in such a good way. This massive, ravenous blood bath is happening in the bus while cars honk and go around the bus. This is SOCIETY!

All that’s missing is the people taking videos and photos. Ren-hao’s girlfriend kept the teeth they pulled from the monster. She made a bracelet or maybe it was a necklace? It really upset the other creature. Ren-hao is taking his anger out on the creature the kids captured. The creature found the school, found more humans. She is like a tornado of wrath. (Does removing the creature’s blood and then feeding her Lin’s blood make her human again? A blood transfusion for a creature?)

The kids are on to the other creature. Eugenie Liu is SO AMAZING as this creature. She is wailing and making banshee-like noises. The kids are trying to figure out if they can capture and kill her. Lin is talking to the creature and it seems so much like she is listening to him and wants to talk back. (I know, I am getting way too deep but you can feel that emotion they conveyed.)

OKAY, now they go back to the veteran who is clutching his sword, not sure I’d stand in front of him. Just a suggestion. As this movie is near the end it is sad and overwhelming. You see compassion between creatures and these humans created so much chaos. The colors and the vivid images in this movie are so well done. The actors gave intense, alive performances.

It is one of the most unique movies ever. It touches on society, bullying and even forgiveness. He tells a fellow student battling her own demons that she’s not like them. We should respect our elders; we have a lot to learn still as human beings. I am not sure if there was a message that was meant to be taken away but Giddens Ko made this brilliant, beautifully dark and gory, terrific movie. The ending is wild, watch it to take in everything. Make sure to check it out and pick up the Blu-Ray.

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