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Film Review: Bl33ch (short film) (2019)


While working the night shift at his IT office, a computer repairman is haunted by a digital entity that threatens his very existence.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have BL33CH, written by Grant Goodrich and G.D. Goya, directed by and starring Grant Goodrich.

Ah, the life of an information technology (IT) guy. Pretty dull, overall. Fielding calls about issues with programs, telling users to “turn it off and back on again”, hard reboot, you know the drill. And of course, computer viruses. They get more clever and invasive everyday, it seems. But what if a computer virus got REALLY invasive?

That’s exactly what happens to our hapless hero in this story. Skynet is aware, people.

I couldn’t find a lot of info about this film or its production company, Noodle Juice Productions. This is their debut horror short, and they have a youtube channel of other shorts under the company name.

This has the feel of a super indie film, like it was shot at the computer lab of the local  community college as a student project or something. The sound mix isn’t all that good. In fact, it gets kind of annoying at certain points.

But I will say that I enjoyed the concept. No real special effects, although there is minimal practical FX in the film and its not great, but it serves it purpose in telling the story.

Maybe not the best short film I’ve ever seen, but its got good roots. There is something about it that i like. Perhaps its the DIY aspect of it, or maybe its the “fear the future” sort of message I was reading into it.

I will give love to anyone who tries to make their own damn movie. Its not as easy as many people think, and with science fiction a low budget can be a killer. Our filmmakers here gave it a darn good try and I think that makes it worth a look.

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