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Interview: Brian Krause (Charmed, The Return to the Blue Lagoon, Sleepwalkers)

And Interview with Actor Brian Krause (“Charmed”, “The Return to the Blue Lagoon”, “Sleepwalkers”)

Wizard World Philadelphia (May 17, 18, 19, 20, 2018)

It was a rare moment as my friend and I discovered Brian’s line had slightly slowed down so I was able to do an on-spot in person interview. He was so kind and to take time to speak with us.

After all these years, “Charmed” still means the world to so many of us.

Brian- You know, the show means so much. When I started I was just a reoccurring role and then to become a regular and stay for the run of the show. Not only that but to play the angel, the good guy and to be able to push a strong moral message to do the right thing. As a father it was a great role for me because I was trying to be a good dad.

What does it mean to you to continue to come to Wizard World and the comic cons to see all the fans who still love “Charmed” and all of you so much?

Brian- Coming to these comic cons and meeting fans. When I hear how much it’s an escape for them or lessons they learned. Seeing Leo and Piper’s love or knowing they followed the right thing. The work I did and that I put into it, I meet fans and I see the reaction and how it changed their lives. It makes me emotional. My mom was always a big fan of mine. It reminded me of how important the fans are. In the beginning it was all fan mail so you never really got to meet the fans. The comic cons didn’t really exist. Now to be able to come out and look people in the eye and see the tears, get the hugs and share the smiles. I am reminded of my late-mother and how proud she would be. It fills my heart. I feel very lucky and I hope it will continue forever and people will love “Charmed” forever.

I think it will because we all can related to “Charmed.” We love it so much. I thank you guys so much. You and Holly are always so wonderful to all of us. And we love you guys. There is a huge “Charmed” family!

Brian- Thank you. I appreciate it.

BRIAN KRAUSE IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0470182/

Follow Brian on Twitter https://twitter.com/thebriankrause

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