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Film Review: The Cured (2017)


What happens when the undead return to life? In a world ravaged for years by a virus that turns the infected into zombie-like cannibals, a cure is at last found and the wrenching process of reintegrating the survivors back into society begins. Among the formerly afflicted is Senan (Sam Keeley), a young man haunted by the horrific acts he committed while infected. Welcomed back into the family of his widowed sister-in-law (Ellen Page), Senan attempts to restart his life—but is society ready to forgive him and those like him? Or will fear and prejudice once again tear the world apart? Pulsing with provocative parallels to our troubled times, The Cured is a smart, scary, and hauntingly human tale of guilt and redemption.”


The Cured” is a 2017 horror film written and directed by David Freyne. Ellen Page plays the lead role of Abbie. There is a psychological mix with “The Cured” as we find these characters in a few calm states and then pure chaos. This film is different because the people “The Cured” starts off with the introduction of how the virus started and “devastated Ireland.” The introduction continues to inform us that a “cure was found. In 75% of cases treatment was successful.” (But was it?) This film has horror elements to it but it psychologically messes with you. The introduction finishes with the government debating a fate and the cured are going to go back “into society.”

We see a bloody, exhausted looking man who looks infected and…. Cut to a man staring into a mirror. It could have been a dream or a terrible nightmare. He is questioning what it will be like on the outside. There are so many crazy things in the world. You cannot imagine the insanity until you watch this film. We find one of the characters speaking with a doctor and Abbie (Ellen Page) agrees to take in her infected brother-in-law.

We see a bunch of the characters being transported and radio or voice-overs talk about why some people are being allowed to go back into society and why it is unfair that some people are not allowed back into society. The actors are playing these characters with so much depth and heart. Despite, whatever they went through you start to feel for them.

This films feels relevant because of the state our world is in. Abbie (Ellen Page) is seen for the first time filming someone for an interview. She plays a mom and genuinely fits in this role. She brings a lot to the character as we see her open the door and slowly hug the brother-in-law. She welcomes him and of course they discuss whether or not he should stay?

Ellen is such a talented actor, she brings something extra to the film. They crack small jokes but it is mostly serious and somber. Every person seems to know. Abbie’s son ask if he is “one of the cured?” There are a lot of traumatic flashback moments and we find the characters suffering as they remember horrible events. Some of the cured tried to make amends but it seems that people are not forgiving. There are police and government officials stationed everywhere. It feels like when David was writing the story he was indeed thinking of what the world would be like after or during an apocalypse. We find Abbie’s brother-in-law working with a doctor and working on the infected.

It turns out even if you are cured you are still infected to those that are infected. They also turn the cured people into less than humans. They make them clean and treat them like nothing. There have been a lot of “zombie” related films and shows but this one feels slightly realistic. If something were to happen, this may be what it’s like.

Abbie is offered a new assignment and the resistant AKA the semi-cured but mostly infected are monitored close. Abbie has questions and ask Conor (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) who is incredible in the film. He thanks her for “not treating him like an animal.” It seems Abbie has compassion despite what she sees.

The film is scary because the infected are kept hidden. There are people who know about them and of course the people that are in denial. This film also portrays a different type of zombie or undead. The sprint, run and the infection is not the usual rotted flesh and missing body parts. It is interesting also because the infected check and show the blood vessels in their eyes.

Conor and Senan (Sam Keeley) are trying to develop a plan to stop them from killing everyone. It feels a bit like an homage to something George A. Romero invented and would have loved. It also feels a bit like they want vengeance and if they can’t do “The Purge” – they will work the way they want to.

After taking on a mission with Conor, Senan sees the news and how they manipulated them into “terrorist.” We now find Senan standing and he looks infected and it looks like Conor is behind him at first to attack him but what you will see next is crazy! You never expect it.

The way David is directing is calm yet so emotional and heartfelt. You cannot help but feel for these people. Abbie spends more quality time with her son. A serious interaction between Abbie and Senan makes you think all hell is about to break to loose.

It is just crazy to see Ellen Page portray this character. She is so intense, smart and searching for answers. The have a few light moments as a family. Conor shows up at Abbie’s home and now those nice moments seem to disappear. Conor may have a cause but he is an antagonist. We find the creepy doctor visiting Abbie (He reminds of someone who would do Milgram Experiments on people) He is creepy and of course leaves a file with Abbie to creep people out even more.

She seems to take this with a grain of salt. Being the journalist/reporter she is, she decides to investigate. (You want to yell don’t do it! But she does anyway!) She finds herself in an infected meeting.

Conor reminds her that the infected are not the only ones that kill. And….. Now all hell breaks loose. This film feels like a combination or at least an homage to a few films but it is good and the story is different. One thing is still the same, humans have not learned not to stand too close to the undead.

Also, when you hear a noise, do not go directly outside. The subtle moments in this film are so good. The connections the characters have. Abbie lost her husband. It is a moment you will have to watch. Ellen Page just does such a good job. More madness and chaos as the infected are freed from what looks like an asylum that is hidden. The cured can mingle with the infected.

This is when the action really starts and Conor apparently does not like to lose a friend. The undead move quick in this film. There is no slow-motion pace for them. Conor’s attempt to get Senan is interrupted when he hears his nephew screaming for help! Abbie is on the hunt to find her son. The undead are now free and roaming.

It is crazy and Abbie discovers she is being followed by at warp speed! Abbie heads back to her house (not a great idea). This film is good. There are moments that make you think and some of the most unexpected things happen during the film. Abbie’s son is in trouble and she has to make such a decision. Senan tries to convince her but in the world they are it makes you wonder if the cure will work for these people. The ending is insanity.

Bonus Features

  • Behind The Scenes Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

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