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Book Review: Cthulu Blues – Author Douglas Wynne

Cthulu Blues
By Douglas Wynne
JournalStone Publishing
232 Pages

Becca Philips is a tormented soul. Struggling with a burden of regular nightmares, her subconscious is beckoning something beyond this world. Her one and only true ally Jason of the SPECTRA paranormal investigation team may be her only semblance in her sanity. The two’s reunion is more sinister than either of them could have possibly fathomed. Will their visions open a porthole that will forever alter the course of humanity as we know it?

Cthulu Blues marks the third reading odyssey undertaken with author Douglas Wynne at the helm. Prior reading adventures have included Steel Breeze and The Devil of Echo Lake. Through venturing on each of these spell binding reads, it is indicative the author is an avid reader himself and choses to hone his craft on eclectic material that fascinates him as well.

This volume is no exception in the realm of the intriguing unknown. Crafted from the SPECTRA series, it is perhaps most noteworthy this edition serves as much impact as a stand alone novel as it does as an ongoing series. Readers from all walks of life will naturally gravitate towards the thought provoking premise and beckon for more and more.

What I like the most about Wynne’s novel is the inclusion of a subtext in dreams. Most profound in obscurity and the abstract the parameters of where the plot escalation can go, knows no bounds. The author exploits this to its maximum effect unto a hapless reading audience that cannot possibly predict where the plot goes next.

The underlining setting, or perhaps more apt the group of characters from SPECTRA also creates unlimited possibilities. I can predict a great number of additional volumes being spawned from the organization. Wynne has done particularly well in crafting these premises for further exploration.

Cthulu Blues has been compartmentalized as an exquisite blend of mythos and contemporary fears. Adapted from concepts surrounding HP Lovecraft’s creation, it’s a phenomenon the subject material is still relevant almost one hundred years later. A combination of mental malaise and interplanetary forces cannot help but inspire the darkest of nightmares deep within the psyche.

It’s evident Wynne’s dedication to research as he demonstrates applied knowledge in Carl Jung school of thought. His synchronicity in shared psychic phenomenon breathes an air of authenticity to the tale. As the readership we never really question the merit behind these passages, forever enhancing the plausibility of an otherwise far-fetched tale of the unknown. As a result, the what if fable is enhanced, prompting the perpetual reader to peel back the layers from within.

Without divulging too many plot spoilers, some inclusions within Cthulu Blues such as the forbidden symphony, ethereal mirrors and Becca’s ploy to raise Cthulu under the guise of banishment, is delicately balanced prose. Each of these components enhance the tale, creating a darker, more versatile version of the Lovecraft classic. Readers will tear through the pages to unveil what may happen next.

Iconic wonders of the world such as Easter Island and international settings creates an esthetically pleasing back drop to the subconscious. I’m hard pressed to know of any readers that will not be haunted by these visions in their late-night slumber

If you’re unfamiliar with the works of one Douglas Wynne, Cthulu Blues would be an excellent start. The writer is very down to earth, approachable and I’m sure would love to discuss anything under the umbrella of macabre, bizarre or unexplained from fans of all varieties. A certifiable classic in the making for a contemporary audience.

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