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Carrie Fisher: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Carrie Fisher will long be remembered for her iconic contributions to the Star Wars franchise. It was upon her demise that I began to research Carrie and her Princess Leia gold bikini days, a long time favorite era for fans of the franchise. As I collected these images and made my way thru the countless “click on 35 pages to see them all site designs“, I wanted to serve them up with one big bang (thus helping you to avoid the 100 or so pop up ads) – yep, you’re welcome!

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As Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher warmed hearts and inspired fan boys from all walks of life. I hope this collection helps to leave some cherished memories of Carrie and her career high points.

So without our further ado, we present Carrie Fisher’s sexiest photo moments and hottest pictures collection!


  1. I knew Carrie in person. She was beautiful. I miss her.

  2. Thank you for sparing me the agony of tracking down these pics myself.

  3. Yes Carrie was a beautyfull woman.
    I was on a Star Wars confension day.

    wherever she was and I asked for her autograph on a photo of herself. She was very beautiful and a friendly smile made me fall in love.
    I got a nice feeling when I thought about what she would look like in the famous gold bikini outfit.


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