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Home | Comic Review: Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I – A Shot in the Dark – Issue 2

Comic Review: Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I – A Shot in the Dark – Issue 2

Lovecraft-Paranormal-Investigator-P.I---A-Shot-in-the-Dark-issue2-coverThe Lovecraftian and Cthulhu horror mythos continues in this latest issue 2 to the 3 part series sporting another fantastic cover piece.

When we left off, Lovecraft was hot on the trail of figuiring out the odd mysteries of the local town of Innsmouth, its cult, workers situation, and oddities. The whereabouts of the book, “the Necronomicon” still remain a mystery which troubles many.

Lovecraft revisits Barnabas Marsh to dig further into his lack of local worker help and former relationships. Meanwhile the “Order of Dagon” steps things up a notch to correct a few “concerns”.

Hanna Winsgate’s name is mentioned more frequently as the plot seems to center more and more around her numerous relationships throughout town. Though it is her former relationships with Marsh and Mathias that intrigues Lovecraft the most. Lovecraft is determined to solve this case even if haunted by his past memories.

Gothically intriguing wrapped up in a story that pulls you in, Issue 2 continues to deliver more great goodies catering to the fans of H.P Lovecraft.

Lovecraft Paranormal Investigator P.I. – A Shot in the Dark is a new 3-part series from the talented team at Darkside Media created by Fritz Striker & D.W. Kann featuring the illustration work of Antonio Brandao.

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