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Film Review: Pandora (short film) (2016)



Yet another short film, kiddies. today we have PANDORA, written by Ali Campbell and Drew Mewse and directed by Drew Mewse. This is a film out of the UK, and according to my information was made for roughly 100 pounds (which is basically nothing in American dollars).

As the title would suggest, we have a lady and a mysterious box, that she probably really shouldn’t open. But of course, she does.

We come into the story as Susie (Susan Leiper) and Andy (Andy Noble) are having a rather intense argument that results in him walking out of their house. Susie starts cleaning things or whatever when she comes across the aforementioned box. With a big lock on it. And the key hidden in the floorboards.

Really, I would take all of that a clue to leave the damn thing alone.

SHORT-FILM---Pandora.mp4.0019 SHORT-FILM---Pandora.mp4.0013 SHORT-FILM---Pandora.mp4.0010 SHORT-FILM---Pandora.mp4.0003

Not Susie. And once she opens the box, nothing will ever be the same again for either of them.

This is an interesting film. I admit to being a bit confused and having to go back and watch it again. Also, the voice over (ADR) is so bad. I mean, really bad. Bad to the point that I found it a complete distraction from the story they were trying to tell. I understand that sound production for an indie project is expensive, but the sound can really make or break a low budget project and in this case it really hurts this one.

The sound notwithstanding, I did like the film. I just really wish they could remaster the ADR so it’s not as disruptive to the narrative.

So using my special “short scale” of one to five, five being awesome, I’m giving this film 3 locked boxes.

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  1. Hi thanks for the Review on my first ever short horror film was not perfect but its a start ,


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