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Wicked Crush Wednesday: Gabrielle Stone

Wicked Crush Wednesday

Gabrielle Stone 2How did you get in to horror?

It just happened to be the roles I was booking. Although I’ve done drama and some comedy, horror has always been great for me. The fans are absolutely awesome.

What kind of acting roles in horror do you most look forward to doing? And what kind of roles do you hate being cast as?

I don’t take roles I hate! After you’ve been covered in blood enough times, it starts to become less and less appealing. But I always have fun with the roles I choose to do

Has there ever been a character you felt the most comfortable playing?

Like it all just came naturally for you.  Probably in Zombie Killers. Nikki was a tough, sarcastic, tomboy who didn’t take shit from anybody. It wasn’t too far of a stretch for me!

If you could pick a horror franchise to work on what would it be?

Oh wow. There’s a lot of great ones out there but I love new and fresh ideas…so probably something new that no one has seen before. Not another remake.

What projects do you have coming up?

Shooting the sequel to Speak No Evil later this year, and have a film Stray in the festival circuits right now!

How can people reach you if they’d like to work with you?

@GabrielleStone on all social media and my website www.gabriellestoneactress.com

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Gabrielle Stone’s last two films were released by Anchor Bay (Zombie Killers) and Lionsgate (Speak No Evil) which she is about to shoot the sequel to. She also has two films that are gearing up for later this year and has two festival dramas that she starred in currently making the rounds. 

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