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Interview: Gabrielle Stone (Stray)

Gabrielle Stone is the one to watch out for! She portrays Jennifer in the intensely beautiful film, STRAY. Gabrielle has also starred in: “Flytrap,” “A Place Called Hollywood,” “Stray.” She stars in the upcoming films, “Rock Paper Dead,” “Death House.” Make sure to follow Gabrielle on social media @GabrielleStone

How did you get involved with the film “Stray?”

Gabrielle: I was recommended to the director Nena Eskridge by someone who had worked on a different film that I did and she reached out to my agents to get my demo reel and hired me off of that. The script was so well written and the character was so great and layered. Once I read it, it was a no-brainer and I wanted to do the role.

What was it like working with director, Nena Eskridge?

Gabrielle: Oh my god, she is amazing! Nena is very creative. She is an actor’s director so she kind of lets you do your thing. We had a great time collaborating. She flew me out a couple days early and walked around the town with me and showed me the different towns we would be shooting. She was always easy to work with. I had a great time working with her.

Did you do anything special to prepare to play Jennifer in “Stray?”

Gabrielle: I think I mainly did my regular work I do on-set of breaking everything down. One thing I did was I looked at all the things that Jennifer was dealing with and tried to figure out how to relate to each of those. I was able to really hone in on the humanity of her.

What kind of challenges did you face shooting “Stray?”

Gabrielle: There were definitely heavier days than other on-set. There were some scenes that required me to dig in deep to some unhappy times and memories. It was a relatively easy shoot.

You directed, produced and wrote a short film. Will you be directing any time soon again?

Gabrielle: I would love to! Yes! I just did my first one, it is called “It Happened Again Last Night.” I co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed it with my partner Roze. We had an amazing time on it. We had Jayson Crothers come out and shoot it. We have some amazing talent: Amanda Wyss, Randy Wayne, and Chris Mulkey. We just submitted it to twenty five festivals. We are gearing up for festivals. The next thing I direct I do not want to have a leading role in. I would love to write and direct again.

What are you working on next?

Gabrielle: I just finished a horror film called “Rock Paper Dead” with director Tom Holland so that should be out in theaters next year. Then I have a festival film coming out called, “Swell” that is a drama, coming-of-age story with a lot of comedy woven into it. I just wrapped a comedy called, “The Competition” with Chris Klein and Thora Birch so that will be coming out next year as well so I am ready for the holidays.

Is Christmas one of your favorite holidays?

Gabrielle: You know, I love all holidays but Christmas is definitely my favorite. My family goes all out for Christmas so that is definitely my number one.

Is there anything you can reveal about “Death House?”

Gabrielle: It is picture locked and getting ready to start going to distributors. I have a small but pivotal role in this film. People will love it, the horror fans will really love it!

Do you have any for actors/actresses that are just starting out as an actor/actress?
Gabrielle: Just make sure you really love it! You have to love it to be in this business. There’s a lot of no’s that will happen. But if you love it and you are passionate about it, live your dream!

What would you like to say to the fans? The horror community and everyone who watches the films you make?

Gabrielle: The horror community has been awesome. Just, thank you for supporting and going out and loving what we do in that genre. I hope people goes to see “Stray.” I think it is an emotional, awesome film that they did a really great job on. Come find me on social, I am at @GabrielleStone on every platform!

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