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Film Review: The Abandoned (2015)

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Streak , a troubled young woman trying to get her life together , takes a job as an overnight security guard at a rundown luxury apartment building. Stuck with a perverse career rent a cop as her number two , Streak tries her hardest to focus on the job at hand and not let the dark hallways play havoc on her delicate mental state. As the night wears on and the shadows begin to move and dance in the empty halls she realizes the darkness inside her own mind might be the least of her worries.


As a horror fan I am constantly on the look out for that next GREAT film that leaves me drained of emotion and exhilarated at the same time. Sure, there are plenty of films that come out each year that are entertaining and smutty ( which you all know is my bag), but very few of the films that roll across the screen truly get to you on every level and reach that status of GREAT ! Eytan Rockaway is a name that should be at the top of every horror fans ” to watch” list very soon.

Not since Lucky Mcgee burst onto the scene, with May in 2002, has a horror film left me feeling so much emotion and genuine terror as Mr. Rockaway has with his debut feature film The Confines. This is the kind of genre film we all wait for people, combining a deep sense of claustrophobia ( that rivals The Descent ) along with nerve shredding tension, The Abandoned (The Confines) is the film to beat thus far in 2015.

The-Confines-2015-movie-Eytan-Rockaway.-(7) The-Confines-2015-movie-Eytan-Rockaway.-(6)

Louisa Krause is mesmerizing as Streak , a complex character who is deeply flawed but generally well intentioned. Streak is the kind of woman that has made some bad choices in her life that have resulted in her working hand over foot in order to keep custody of her son. When me meet Streak she appears to be at the end of her proverbial rope and desperate to make things work out this time around, not a lot of information is directly given on Streak’s past but Louisa Krause is so great in this performance that no overt backstory is needed.

Streak is on her first night as a security guard of a rundown luxury apartment complex , she see’s this as her chance to prove to everyone that she is more than capable of leading a fully productive and stable life. Her co -worker however , a perfectly cast Jason Patric at his sleazy best , is really in no mood to show the new girl the ropes or ins and outs of her position. Streak takes it upon herself to patrol the crumbling hallways of this once gorgeous complex and take initiative herself of her own job and destiny. As the night wears on Streak decides to let a homeless man inside the building so that he doesn’t die on the street corner, her partner protests , but Streak is a caring soul and won’t turn the man away to die.


Here begins Streak’s ultimate downfall as she patrols the hallways, the shadows seems to be calling to her and beckoning something almost familiar. Is this building haunted by the past evils that run deep in this structure ? Is Streak finally giving into her fears , has her mind taken control of her reality ? Any experienced horror fan will no doubt see the conclusion coming from a mile a away. The premise of the finale is not a wholly original one but in both execution and style it’s delivered in such an emotionally visceral way that it feels both new and fresh when finally explained, it really seems to fit.


The performances are all top notch from the get go , Jason Patric is so vile and sleazy that is becomes nearly uncomfortable to watch as he leers and comments over Streak who herself feels compelled to stay quiet for the most part on her first night at work. Jason Patric is a veritable veteran of film and he really shows why he is still working strong 29 years after the f**king awesome Solarbabies (yes, I do love that movie! ). Louis Krause is name I have seen before and remember seeing her stick out in Martha Marcy May Marlene but The Confines is her show all the way !!

The performance is so multi layered and believable that even once the fantastic and abnormal start happening Louis is able to convey such a sense of urgency and normality through it all that the only emotion we feel is the sheer panic and terror that Streak is feeling. The paranormal and dark happenings seem almost second hand in nature to the raw emotional roller coaster that Streak is put through during the course of this one dark night.


The film itself looks nothing short of fantastic, the cinematography is both sleek and fluid almost gliding over surfaces of foreboding darkness to reveal only enough to the viewer to suggest something intense constantly lurking out the corners. The editing is crisp and consistent and the direction is nothing short of claustrophobic and malevolent in all the most deliciously dark and decadent ways. Eytan Rocaway has crafted a truly horrific descent into metaphorical and spiritual madness that resonated with me long , long after the credits had rolled.

The-Confines-2015-movie-Eytan-Rockaway.-(1) The-Confines-2015-movie-Eytan-Rockaway.-(8)

We, as genre fans are always on the look out for original films that transcend the genre. The Confines is not only one of the creepiest films i have seen in recent years it is also one of the best films I have seen in 2015. As true fans you owe it to yourself and the genre as a whole both seek out and cherish Eytan Rockaway’s masterpiece, its well , well worth it.

Bonus Features

    • Deleted Scenes
    • Alternate Ending
    • Theatrical Trailer

The Abandoned is now available on bluray per Shout Factory


  1. I’m definitely going to watch this…

  2. The end left me confused

  3. Streak has a daughter, not a son. And I didn’t think the movie was all that

    • Horror Junkie

      Thank you! I was just about to correct her on that fact. It is important to remember that it is a daughter that she has, cause of the end.

  4. I dont understand the ending?

  5. Art house horror film. Loved it

  6. loved the ending had a great twist, i highly recommend watching this one

  7. would sb please help me understand the ending? it was so confusing

    • Horror Junkie

      !!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT-ISH!!!!!!!!!!!
      I agree with you it was kinda confusing. The part that really got me thinking was who Cooper was in “real life”. Also, when she saw that kid in the tunnel, was that her kinda seeing herself? Lastly, why was she in a coma and dying? Did I miss something?

      • I just watched this movie,
        The ending really make me confuse
        but i think Streak (Julia) is Clara maybe?
        because at the ending (on hospital)
        the doctor says Mr Streak to Cooper

        but the Cooper already died drowned on the well
        really confusing , trying to google this,
        and found this website :D

        The Question is always “Did i miss something?”
        yep that was right :|

      • The girl Clara (Deformed girl in the shelter at the end) was her younger self. Streak was one of the kids in the shelter, the only one that survived and was left in a coma.
        Once she accepted her past and her deformity while in the Coma, she was released and died at the end of the film.
        Cooper was her father who left her in the shelter when she was young. There are clues throughout the film, including the poster on the wall when she meets him for the first time. The film is about self-acceptance…

        I thought the ending was very original.

        • The girl Clara is her younger self, is true but clara is actually the name of the doll she owned. that is used as her identity in the dream. as for streak, i dont know how u have this confused but streak is still her. clara is the deformed and true version of her younger self that i guess she didnt accept. streak is the new version of herself she created. As for the whole ordeal about everything that happened in the dream, it is not certain if anything in it was truth or metaphors for something. only thing we can be sure about is that she has been in a coma or a young age, the deformity of her face and her father is cooper. As or this sites review i feel there is quite an exaggeration on the quality of this movie. there is alot of plot holes in this movie and alot of things that did not make any sense. even till the end you are let thinking what was i watching. the acting of streaker was a bit much. trying too much to express simple emotions.

  8. Ending spoiler (directed to the comment above): Clara was her doll, not her… So when she was saying she had a daughter, it was really when a child pretends that its doll is their child. But yeah, basically everything else was I understood the ending to be.

  9. Kendall O'Connor

    Does anyone know what tunnel it is that they filmed in? I swear to god I’ve walked down the same tunnel, but here in San Diego. I just can’t remember where, for the life of me. Also, the movie says it was filmed in new York. This is tripping me out, I know that tunnel is here in the social area!


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