Book Review: Fangoria Cover to Cover – Editor Anthony Timpone


Being a mainstay in horror is quite an accomplishment. Fangoria arrived onto shelves back in 1979 in an era when we had only “Starlog” and “Famous Monsters” (on the most part) to look forward to for our updates in horror. Now while we appreciated what these magazine could provide, there was also wide gap left open that lacked the more R-rated releases we were about to be graced/inundated with. The 80’s was just around the … Continue reading

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Today’s Batch Of GODZILLA Goodness

Another day, another GODZILLA story…. Couple of things today. First up, check out this awesomely awesome cover for the upcoming edition of FANGORIA. Hot damn! Now that’s a magazine cover!!

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Savini Takes Over GOREZONE Duties

Older slasher fans will undoubtedly remember Fangoria’s sister magazine GOREZONE which ended its all to short run all the way back in 1994 and featured all things bloody and gooey. It offered fans a real behind the scenes look into how all the bloody magic was done and the truly awesome news is, it’s coming back!! That’s right, GOREZONE will be returning to publication and will be bringing back all the columns and bloodshed that … Continue reading

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Gorezone Returns from Fangoria


Latest PR from the Fangoria camp……….. we of course love to see the arrival of more horror mags In case you missed the memo, GOREZONE is back, better and more bizarre than ever! Our beloved FANGORIA sister magazine, which was launched in 1988 and ran for only 27 issues (26 of the regular series and a 27th capper celebrating the cinematic legacy of FRANKENSTEIN) is a cult favorite, lamented by our readers and a periodical … Continue reading

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Film Review: Germ Z (2013)


SYNOPSIS: The military’s attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite unleashes a space-borne epidemic on a remote, small town. REVIEW: The deputy sheriff of the sleepy town known as Preacher’s Mill meets in the woods for a early morning tryst with a ginger haired jogging lady. At the same two become one in the biblical sense, a meteor of unknown origin slams to Earth, knocking out a satellite (that the military is trying to shoot … Continue reading

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Interview: Chris Alexander (Blood For Irina, Fangoria)


That’s right…it says Director up there in the title. Although he’s perhaps better known as the current editor in chief of FANGORIA magazine Chris Alexander has dipped his toes in all sorts of different media over the years. He was the resident film critic on Canada’s “The John Oakley Show”, he wrote the “Schizoid Cinephile” column for Canadian horror mag “Rue Morgue”, authored “Chris Alexander’s Blood Splattered Book” in 2010, composed & released music (On … Continue reading

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Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – Fangoria, Tom Savini | Anchor Bay Team up


The remake of CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS has been rumored for years. Tom Savini’s name has been attached to that rumor since day one. Originally George Romero was slated to direct and Tom was to once again to team up with his longtime partner again handling effect duties. After a long pause of absolutely no information on the project this morning brings the major announcement that FANGORIA and ANCHOR BAY will be joining … Continue reading

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Dai Of The Dead: Women in Horror Month

This is a topic that I have done my best to stay out of this year for reasons that far surpass those that are already public record. Honestly, I would still be keeping to myself but since I keep getting asked for my opinion by related and unrelated parties, I will go into here and let it be the end of it. I am ALL for a good debate on issues between people who feel … Continue reading


Insidious exclusive – Ask the Directors Questions on the films! – Facebook only

On July 11th, Fangoria will be hosting an exclusive screening of Insidious at the Silent Theater in Los Angeles. Immediately following the screening at around 9pm PST/midnight EST, they’ll be doing a Q&A with director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, which will be live-streamed directly to their Insidious Facebook Page From Release: All questions will be fan-generated: we’re collecting questions on the Insidious Facebook Page, as well as via Twitter using #InsidiousLIVE Also, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fangoria Magazine – Issue 305


Fangoria Magazine – Issue 305 Welcome a new addition to our regularly reviewed magazines, but certainly not new to horror fans…..Fangoria. As the world of horror changes and grows, there has been one constant bringing us month to month reports on things that go bump in the night. That constant though has changed faces a few times, which leads me into my review of the latest edition of Fangoria. Featuring a painted cover, Fangoria just … Continue reading

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Special Screening Event in L.A.

Amongst my many frien…I mean Fiends are the people at FANGORIA magazine. A magazine I know all of you are familiar with. I heard about a event coming up in L.A. & thought my West Coast Acolytes might want to attend as it sounds like it’s going to be a blast! Listen up folks!! FANGORIA hosts LA screening night with “INSIDIOUS” creators James Wan & Leigh Whannell FANGORIA will present a free screening of the … Continue reading

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FANGORIA Announces ‘Weird Words’ Fiction Contest

Want to get published in the worst way? Well Fangoria along with Cemetery Dance Magazine want to publish you! They are currently running their first, but not last, “Weird Words” contest and they are looking for terrible tales written by some fresh blood. Bring them fear, the dark, and all the horror of your best story and you could win big. Official rules and additional details are posted below: Calling all aspiring horror fiction writers! … Continue reading

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Fangoria Annual Horror Movie Prop & Costume Auction

IT’S TIME FOR THE FRIGHT OF YOUR LIFE  HALLOWEEN AND HORROR THEMED PROPS AND COSTUMES UP FOR BID ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30 IN EL SEGUNDO, CA  SPONSORED BY PREMIERE PROPS, BEBO, FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT, SCREAMFEST, AFTER DARK FILMS AND SHOCKTILLYOUDROP.COM   EL SEGUNDO (OCTOBER 7, 2010) – Premiere Props announced today they will be showcasing over 500 never-before-seen Halloween and horror props with Fangoria Entertainment as part of Fangoria’s Annual Horror Movie Prop and Costume Live Auction … Continue reading

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Interview: Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander – live podcast show

Hey all – we got another  live podcast straight from the bowels of hell ( Podcast from Hell) with special guest Chris Alexander, Editor for Fangoria magazine. Make sure and check out our podcast downloads section for our 10.24.10 live radio show. You can jump over HERE Join us as Chris talks about his new role as editor for americas favorite horror print magazine

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