‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Adds A New Castmate


There’s another new addition being added to the cast of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel-to-film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Bring on Jimmi Simpson who will be playing Abe’s right hand man in the battle against bloodsuckers. Simpson has been seen as the creepy discreet photographer in Stephen King’s Rose Red and horror flick Stay Alive.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Casts Up


Actually the project has been casting up for a couple weeks now but to be quite honest the news has been well, rather dull.  Director Timur Bekmambetov has chosen to go with a cast of pretty much unknowns but tonight came the news that he’s cast the role of Mary Todd Lincoln and I think fans will like this one. Robin McLeavy will take the role and rumor has it that she beat out Mary … Continue reading

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‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Casting Update!


After a few months of on and off here and there details behind Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie, some casting news is brewing and there is official word now that Dominic Cooper and Anthony Mackie have confirmed the roles of “Henry” and “Will” (Lincoln’s best friend). Cooper will play the role of Henry.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Deal Closed


It is now official that Benjamin Walker will play Abraham Lincoln in Seth Graham-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  This was a highly rumored role with all sorts of people being thrown around for the part.  Benjamin Walker is best known for his role in Kinsey as a 19 year old Kinsey. The book goes like this “When Abraham Lincoln was nine years old, his mother died from an ailment called the “milk sickness.” Only later … Continue reading

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The Short List of Actors 2 Possibly Play Lead In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’


There are presently several actors testing the role for the lead in Abraham Lincoln’s: Vampire Hunter that will begin sometime this week or next and the testers so far are as follows: James D’Arcy Adrien Brody

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