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Roman Dirge’s Lenore is back and with trailer!


Titan Comics is pleased to announce the return of Lenore, the cute little dead girl, with the release of issue #2 of Roman Dirge’s cult comic, Lenore! “He loved with a love that was more than love.” After years of shocking physical and mental abuse, extreme violence and unnecessary brutality it looks as if Mr. Gosh’s feelings of unrequited love for Lenore have finally turned? Only time and the twisted creative genius of Roman Dirge … Continue reading

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Film Review: Trash Humpers (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Follows the lives of a small group of sociopathic elderly people in Nashville, Tennessee REVIEW: I would be hard pressed to say I saw an amazing film last night though I will say that I saw a extremely bizarre film. One that really defies logic. The movie “Trash Jumpers” probably needs more introduction before being watched than a random viewing like how I experienced it. This film which feels like a group of 4 … Continue reading

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After Dark Blu-ray collections coming!


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Parnormal Activity Spoof – Paranormal pillow

What will they think up next? Ok it’s a viral video for – though I do love the comedy. Yep, you can bet there gonna be alot of paranormal spoofs coming down the pipe. check out the video and win some comfort per sleepbetter source:

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The Man in the Maze: world premiere and trailer

The Man in the Maze starring Andrew Roth, Liana Werner-Gray, Erik A. Williams, and Stephanie Lomenick has just released its first trailer. (see link below) The film will make its world premiere in the first-annual Mississippi International Film Festival on October 30 as a headlining event. It will then be released at limited theatres through R-Squared Films in early Spring of 2011 followed by a national DVD/VOD release IMDb (also includes trailer and production stills): … Continue reading

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Harpoon- Whale Watching Massacre heads to DVD release Dec 7


Welcome aboard! Our course heading – pure terror! HARPOON: WHALE WATCHING MASSACREFROM IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT Setting sail onto DVD, Unrated DVD and Unrated Blu-ray™ December 7 Featuring ‘Leatherface’ Gunnar Hansen Chatsworth, CA – A whale-watching expedition will promise many things: the scent of fresh, sea air; the sound of the crashing, high seas and just maybe a sight of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures. Usually. On December 7 Image Entertainment presents Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre, … Continue reading

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Jinn first look at artwork – Jinn crotch & art


Those nasty old Jinn are back, or is it Djinn? I get cofused after the Last Wishmaster franchise. In any case you can keep track of things over at there FB page, which will have a new trailer debuting soon. For now, here is a odd first torso shot………. how bout we just cut with the lower 3rd and show us what you’ve got for us. CHECK OUT MORE ART AFTER “MORE”

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The Last Exorcism: arrives on DVD / BR!


“A smart film that sneaks up and scares the hell out of you!” –Ain’t It Cool News “Tremendously creepy and refreshingly original!” -Sean O’Connell, Washington Post THE LAST EXORCISM Street Date: 1/4/11 DVD SRP: $29.95 Blu-ray Disc SRP: $39.99 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Everything you believe will be changed this January as Lionsgate releases The Last Exorcism to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital Download and On Demand. This clever, bone-chilling film comes from a collaboration of minds – … Continue reading

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ChiZine Publications Launches Book Trailer for People Live Still in Cashtown Corners

 A trailer for People Live Still in Cashtown Corners (Tony Burgess) is now available on ChiZine Publications’ website and in high definition on its YouTube channel The 60-second trailer was officially unveiled at the ChiZine Publications (CZP) launch party for its six Fall 2010 titles held on Friday, October 22 in Toronto, Ontario. Shot in a single afternoon at Tony Burgess’s Stayner, Ontario house, the trailer was directed by noted Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald (Pontypool, … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Eclipse (2009)


SYNOPSIS: In a seaside Irish town, a widower sparks with a visiting horror novelist while he also begins to believe he is seeing ghosts. REVIEW: Throw in plenty of drama, a few ghosts and some vacationing writers on tour and you have yourself a helping of “The Eclipse”. The funny thing I was thinking after the filme moved to final creditswas…. is horror just as effective if it’s used in very small doses but still … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Tortured (2010)


SYNOPSIS: An upper-middle-class couple’s life is destroyed when their only child is kidnapped and killed. Obsessed with revenge, the couple seizes an opportunity to kidnap the killer REVIEW: With all the types of torture films coming out today, it was only a matter of time before we were approached with a more “suburban family goes on a rampage” version. What is different here is that this film feels on the most part like a Mel … Continue reading


Film Review: The Reeds (2009)


SYNOPSIS: A weekend boating trip through the Norfolk Broads becomes a terrifying, deadly ordeal for six 20-something year old friends. Aboard the Corsair Star, a small cruiser rented from the local marina operator, the boating party loses its bearings and cuts through the vast reedy tidewater in search of the main channel. After the first casualty by a freak accident, the boat runs aground. Every effort to preserve themselves and find a way out fails, … Continue reading

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Film Review: Reel Zombies (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Independent Zombie Film makers, Producer Mike Masters and Director David J. Francis, the team behind the commercially unsuccessful Zombie Night 1 and 2, have found the climate for Zombie movies has changed significantly after the “real” zombie invasion begins. Hedging on the fact that the Zombie mayhem that has taken a grip on the nation is only a temporary problem, the film makers realize that once normalcy has returned, demand for Zombie product (now … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Final (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them REVIEW: The final is one of the After Dark “8 films to die for” series offerings of 2010. Directed by Joey Stewart, The Final is actually one of the better contributions of this series I’ve seen so far. The film takes a familiar notion of teenagers in high school who had to deal with being bullied all their lives. With … Continue reading

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Interview: Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander – live podcast show

Hey all – we got another  live podcast straight from the bowels of hell ( Podcast from Hell) with special guest Chris Alexander, Editor for Fangoria magazine. Make sure and check out our podcast downloads section for our 10.24.10 live radio show. You can jump over HERE Join us as Chris talks about his new role as editor for americas favorite horror print magazine

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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 105


Rue Morgue arrives on the stands with its 13th Anniversary Halloween issue. A familiar face per Anthony Perkins stares back with a sinister grin that has lurked in the minds of horror fans for generations past. Quite alot of content this month, not to mention the huge tribute to the Psycho film which turns 50. With a snazzy layout, RM brings us up to speed on the important facts on the iconic movie and its place … Continue reading

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More killer 3D with ‘The Host 2′


Korean production house Chungeorahm Films have announced that their sequel to Bong Joon-Ho’s monstrous hit The Host is being prepped in 3D. if you rememeber the runaway hit “The Host”, this little news will come as a bonus to all you lovers of asian monster horror. The announcement comes after a successful release of “AfterShock”,  another 3D hit Source: Twitchfilm

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Blubberella – kicking ass WITH ass


Twitchfilm announced this new little tidbit that comes from the bizarre mind of Uwe Boll. Blubberella kicks major ass WITH her major ass. From the anals of the american film market…perhaps its time for some more kick-ass comedy. The first female fat superhero … All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!

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Abertoir Horror Festival Announces Fifth Birthday Schedule

Wales’ National Horror Festival, Abertoir has announced its 2010 line up. The festival which runs between Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 November at Aberystwyth Arts Centre will show more than twenty films, including UK premieres, cult screenings and classics from around the world, as well as a whole host of special guests, talks, masterclasses, live music and theatre events. Enthusiastic fans will flock to the seaside town for a programme that is guaranteed to be … Continue reading

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Horror Realm Independent Grindhouse 2

Horror Realm Presents Second Independent Grindhouse Program on November 6 Featuring two indie horror feature films, a short, trailers & giveaways Pittsburgh, PA – October 24, 2010 – In response to rave reviews from its first Independent Grindhouse program in the spring of 2010, Horror Realm and Bastards of Horror are once again teaming up to present an evening of independent horror. Independent Grindhouse 2 is slated for November 6, 2010 at 10 PM at … Continue reading

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Radical Publishing offers ‘Get Published with Radical’

Oct 20th, 2010, Los Angeles, CA –Looking to have your artwork published in a Radical comic? Well, now is your chance! Radical Publishing is pleased to announce a new contest to test your illustration skills. Simply draw your best version of the villainous Jebediah Crone, based on a scene from Radical’s newest horror miniseries, ABATTOIR. For each of the first five issues, Radical will select a winner to be featured on a per issue basis, … Continue reading

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