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Film Review: CockHammer (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Evil is uncircumcised. REVIEW: If the there is one thing that is more apparent these days especially as a film reviewer is that the industry has not rested on its laurels to just sit around and wait for things to happen. The new age of guerilla filmmaking and self produced, self distributed releases is upon us. This is both a curse and blessing depending on who you are and what your preference is. The … Continue reading

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Film Review: Killer Tongue (La lengua asesina) (1996)


SYNOPSIS: This horror story involves a woman hiding out with four pastel colored poodles in a desert gas station with the loot from a heist while her boy friend does prison time. A meteorite crashes near the station transforming the woman into an alien being with a gigantic voracious tongue and her poodles are transformed into four drag queens. The whole thing grows even weirder as her boy friend escapes from prison and also encounters … Continue reading

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Book Review: HellSpawn – The Ashley Wood Collection – Author Steve Niles, Ashley Wood


HELLSPAWN: THE ASHLEY WOOD COLLECTION (PAPERBACK) Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Niles Art by Ashley Wood Published by Image Comics Publication Date: 2006 Format: Color – 224 pages Price: $24.95 The TPB “Hellspawn – The Ashley Wood Collection” collects all 10 issues of the break out Spawn comic illustrated by Ashley Wood. Hellspawn differs from many comics as it truly is meant for an adult audience. This of course is what makes it special. … Continue reading


Magazine Review: Girls and Corpses Magazine – Issue 5


GIRLS AND CORPSES (MAGAZINE) – PRINT ISSUE #5 (VOL 2 – Summer) by Robert Steven Rhine Published by G&C Magazine Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 78 pages Price: $8.95 Girls and Corpses magazine never seems to have a shortage on a collection of great content. Perhaps the oddest collection of content assembled in one magazine, but that what makes it so damn interesting. This issue we have a an exclusive interview with p*rn star … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Girls and Corpses Magazine – Issue 4


GIRLS AND CORPSES (MAGAZINE) – PRINT ISSUE #4 (VOL 2 – Spring) by Robert Steven Rhine Published by G&C Magazine Publication Date: 2008 Format: Color – 78 pages Price: $8.95 Back for more from the dead lunacy!! First up on our roster is the lovely Miss Melissa Jones (AKA Mistress Malice) with an excusive interview and some eye popping photos. Cover model and inside spread make this a keeper if not for her assets alone. … Continue reading

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Book Review: How to Survive a Horror Movie – Author Seth Grahame-Smith


HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE: ALL THE SKILLS TO DODGE THE KILLS (PAPERBACK) Written by Seth Grahame-Smith (Author), Wes Craven (Foreword) Illustrations by Nathan Fox Published by Quirk Books Publication Date: 2007 Format: 2 color – 176 pages Price: $14.95  So your not only reading about horror movies, but now you are in one! What do you do? Do you even know the first thing about surviving one? How can you even tell your … Continue reading

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Book Review: Real Zombies – Author Brad Steiger


REAL ZOMBIES, THE LIVING DEAD, AND CREATURES OF THE APOCALYPSE (PAPERBACK) Written by Brad Steiger Published by Visible Ink Press Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White – 300 pages Price: $19.95 Brad Stieger is a historian and enthusiast. His books have ranged the gamut of all things dark, disturbing and of legend. In his latest release “Real Zombies” he provides a comprehensive overview of exactly that. Done in his easy to read, informed, educated and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Encylopedia of Haunted Places – Author Jeff Belanger


ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HAUNTED PLACES: GHOSTLY LOCALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Written by Jeff Belanger Published by New Page Books Publication Date: 2005 Format: Black /White – 357 pages Price: $19.99 So you a ghost hunter you say? or maybe just interested in the local haunts, tales and legends? Maybe your none of those and just curious with the supernatural and what kinds of sites have been reported? All of those or none at all this … Continue reading

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Book Review: The New Horror Handbook – Author A. S. Berman


THE NEW HORROR HANDBOOK (PAPERBACK) Written by A. S. Berman Published by BearManor Media Publication Date: 2009 Format: B&W- 236 pages Price: $19.95 When you are head deep in the horror genre business and have the opportunity to review and read several books, you tend to see alot of repetition. Not that I mind it, but there’s only so many film collection books that explain why “Texas Chainsaw” or “Halloween” were great iconic films that … Continue reading


Film Review: Cradle of Fear (2001)


SYNOPSIS: Even though child killer Kemper (David McEwen) is locked up in an asylum, he finds a way to continue his bloody spree through his devoted servant (Dani Filth), who’s eager to exact vengeance on those who put away his master. British director Alex Chandon dishes up a quartet of shocking tales linked by the detective (Edmund Dehn) who helped send Kemper to the loony bin — and who must now apprehend the murderer’s Satanic … Continue reading

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Kris Kringle caged??


To celebrate the release of RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE, on Thursday 25th November shoppers in London’s West End were offered the rare opportunity to see a genuine Lapland Santa. The Santa Claus was safely caged and guarded by two experienced Lapland Santa Hunters. All shoppers were given a set of rules for their own safety:

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Film Review: Experiments in Terror #3 (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Striking for the third time, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 3 unleashes another hallucinogenic orgy of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre. Employing a mesmerizing montage of terrifying tropes and fiendish footage, our kino-coven conjures more than a bewitching hour of visionary cinema. Pounding a stake through the heart of genre convention, this shocking program expands the cinematic language of fear, breaking the chains of narrative logic and leaving only the black void of the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Embodiment of Evil (2008)


SYNOPSIS: After forty years in prison, the evil gravedigger Josefel Zanatas a.k.a. ZĂ© do CaixĂŁo is released by the lawyer Lucy Pontes in accordance with Brazilian Laws. He moves to the slums with his followers that worship him, and he seeks out the perfect woman to bear his children while haunted by the ghosts of his victims. The vigilante brothers Captain Osvaldo Pontes and his brother Coronel Claudiomiro from the Military Police chase ZĂ© do … Continue reading

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Film Review: Donkey Punch (2008)


SYNOPSIS: After meeting at a nightclub in a Mediterranean resort, seven young adults decide to continue partying aboard a luxury yacht in the middle of the ocean. But when one of them dies in a freak accident, the others argue about what to do, which leads to a ruthless fight for survival. REVIEW: It’s big fun and a drug induced sexing on the high seas! Straight from the Magnet 6-shooter series comes a British thriller … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dead Air (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Logan Burnhardt is the ego-king of the airwaves, but his unflappable persona is put to the test when a terrorist bio-attack unleashes a plague of flesh-ripping maniacs on Los Angeles. REVIEW: One might call this deja vu, ..or if your not keeping up with things maybe it’s a fresh start. But “Dead Air” seems to be coming off of the same mold that “PontyPool” did. However you have to ask which came first the … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dante’s Inferno (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Traveling beyond death to rescue his love, Beatrice, from evil Lucifer, Dante enters the nine circles of hell, battling the vicious demons and monsters he encounters in this spectacular animated retelling of Dante Alighieri’s classic morality tale. A companion to EA’s video game, the action-packed medieval journey features the voices of Mark Hamill, Victoria Tennant, Vanessa Branch and Graham McTavish. REVIEW:  The story of Dante’s Inferno is that is one well known in the … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Electric Chair (1985)


SYNOPSIS: Stand-up comic gets the shock of his life when somebody brings an electric chair on stage. REVIEW: Did you ever hear the one about the unfunny comic who walks into a bar and proceeds to ramble on for about an hour? This statement is “exactly” the journey you will take when you indulge the film “The Electric Chair”. This grainy black and white film with hints of aging yellow spots is quite unlike any … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Impossible David Lynch – Author Todd McGowan


THE IMPOSSIBLE DAVID LYNCH Author Todd McGowan Published by Columbia University Press Publication Date: 2007 Format: B/W – 280 pages Price: $26.50 Author Todd McGowan takes a bold move. For anyone, deconstructing David Lynch’s films into analysis, reason and philosophy is quite an undertaking. Though as we quickly find it’d todd’s love for his work that fuels his deep analysis. Lynch is well known for his complex thinking and visual charisma of nothingness that he … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Resonance Key – Authors Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman


THE RESONANCE KEY: EXPLORING THE LINKS BETWEEN VIBRATION, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND THE ZERO POINT GRID (PAPERBACK) by Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman Published by New Page Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black /White – 256 pages Price: $15.99 As we dig deeper into the collected universe of science versus fiction, we uncover several other means to an end. Such ideas and concepts form upon others and blossom into studies of a particular focus or another. The … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lenore Wedgies – Author Roman Dirge


ElecLENORE: WEDGIES (COLOR EDITION) (HARDCOVER) Written by Roman Dirge Published by Titan Books Publication Date: 2010 Format: Color – 128 pages Price: $17.95 Lenore, Lenore….call it a guilty pleasure. Or maybe a childish Goth in us all. Or maybe it’s just the morbid fascination of this little cute but deadly cartoon. I think she echoes a certain sense in us all. Call it dark, funny, sick, twisted, charming, adoring, trendy, unique or just damn hilarious. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lenore Noogies – Author Roman Dirge


Lenore Noogies Written by Roman Dirge Published by Titan Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color – 128 pages (Hardcover) Price: $17.95 Lenore is a fine guilty pleasure. Let’s forget that this comic / book collection would make every goth practitioner drool. Let’s forget that it’s wonderfully morbid and tastefully sick. Let’s forget that it’s simple, artsy and to the point. Let’s also forget that is just plain friggin hilarious. On second thought let’s not ….cause … Continue reading

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