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A Look into Paul Gerrard’s MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE


We wanted to share Paul’s latest creations with our readers at HNN, Check out images below and links for more from Paul

I have spent a great deal of time during my career creating and re-imagining characters for Movies and TV based on beloved pre-existing designs. I had the privilege of working with some the most memorable of characters of yesteryear such Shredder and the Turtles from TMTN, Pinhead from Hellraiser and a range of work for the new Hellboy movie.

Yet I have never took time out to just kick back and paint some much beloved icons for myself. Until now. The Masters of The Universe cartoon and toy range inspired a generation of artists to follow their dreams of creating wild imaginative robots, beasts, warlords and warriors. Myself included. Taking the fundamentals of each character and really trying to get to the core of his/her persona. These where very dark, brutal warlords. Lets not forget that. They where in a constant state of war with crazy adversaries. That is what I aimed for yet vital to still capture the essence of those original designs. This is my take on the Masters of the Universe. Something I will be doing much more of for a new ART OF BOOK called Rivals vol 2.

You can see them all of full resolution here..



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