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Film Review: Fist of Jesus (short film) (2012)


Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others … that will taste his fist.


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all…. how about Jesus fudging a resurrection and raising the dead in the form of zombies? Well, this outrageous short film by David Muñoz is just enough to wet your whistle (until they can raise enough money for the feature length, that is).

Jacob begs Jesus to resurrect his son Lazarus who has been dead for 24 hours. Though sometimes even the divine have a bad day, which in this case is rooted in flesh-eating corpses brought back by life by the wave of Jesus’s hand. Great special Fx and gory bits make this unexpected extreme piece fun and gross all in the same bundle.

Jesus takes on a horde of Zombies with his sidekick Judas as they slash, maim, behead and throw fish-ninja darts at the un-living with a violent slaughter house presentation of mayhem and ass-kicking. How about a fish-spinal-cord-sword for kicks and some nasty marlin eye gouging? Easily filled with more zombie carnage and Tokyo gore style kills than most current films on the market, “Fist of Jesus” is a model example for the bigger studios who could take note from this bunch of filmmakers. David Muñoz and team know how to bust up dead corpses with glorious visual work while still keeping the action footage alive and wacky.

It’s Jesus like you’ve never seen him before in a short film that’s sure to piss off a few church goers, but hey………… it’s great fun and impressive work, none-the-less!

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You can check out the web site at: www.fistofjesus.com

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