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Add To Your Horror Movie Collection

When true horror film buffs want to add to their DVD collections, they steer clear of the usual suspects like Blockbuster and Amazon. When they want a great deal, they browse online, where they can find everything from the newest releases to vintage steals. And they know it’s not only the easiest way to find the horror-genre DVDs of their dreams (or nightmares), it’s also the most convenient way to shop, with payment options from Paypal to credit cards making the checkout process quick and simple. Here’s a quick tour to get you started.

eBay. If you haven’t been on eBay in a while, it just might be well worth another look; searching “horror film on DVD” returned 169 results. Who wouldn’t want to augment their collection with a 13-film group (including Hellraiser, Exorcist III, and Halloween 4, among other ghoulish delights), on auction starting at just $19.99? Or maybe Nightmare on Elm Street 5-8 (a 2-disk set) for a devilishly low $1.99? Looks like eBay is the hot ticket for great package deals, especially on horror classics.

Brain Damage Films

If your taste runs more to the lesser-known horror flicks, check out Brain Damage Films, one of the largest independent horror film distributors. BDF-dubbed “gorehounds” will find over 230 titles in their DVD section, ranging from $7.99 to $19.99. A comprehensive list of film categories from “Alien” to “Zombie” ensure that there’s something for every horror-loving collector. Sample titles from the intriguingly-named “Western” section include Fistful of Brains and Vampegeddon.

While you’re comparing titles and prices, compare the best credit card offers while you’re at it. (After all, you want horror when you watch movies, not when you open your bills.)


What? Your thirst for blood is still unsatisfied? If your friends complain they can never find anything for your birthday that you don’t already own, send them to Sumogorilla! They’ll find rare vintage movies, including Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein and Blood Lake, as well as boxed sets like The Bela Lugosi Collection ($22.00), all available on DVD. And if you just can’t wait for the gore-fest to begin, Sumogorilla’s On Demand DVD section is currently listing 469 titles, from Atom Age Vampire to Zombie Lake!

Hopefully, these options combined with your own tenacious, bloodthirsty need for horror movies will yield a new row to your horror movie collection. Now sit back and relax while Satan’s minions deliver your DVDs to your door.

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