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Con 9 From Outer Space – July 14th-15th 2012

Con 9 From Outer Space is a two-day science fiction convention devoted to the Golden Age of classic science fiction films and pre-1965 science fiction television, radio and comics being held in Melbourne Australia 14th-15th July 2012! Two-strand panel program! Video program containing rare and long forgotten material! A classic science fiction film festival featuring all-original material! Fan fiction and short film competitions! Giveaways! Displays! Fantastic venue! Really cheap entry fee! Loads of laughs as we look back to a time when science fiction films were something the whole family could enjoy!

Con 9 From Outer Space is a non-profit fan-run convention which grew out of a dissatisfaction with the way Science Fiction conventions have developed in recent years. We put together a list of all the things we wanted to see and could squeeze into an event of feasible size and budget, and Con 9 From Outer Space is the result. This is a very familiar genre which many of us grew up on and love, but which has not really been covered before at Australian science fiction events. At Con 9 From Outer Space you’ll get to enjoy rekindling your love of classic science fiction with like-minded enthusiasts at an entry price you won’t have to mortgage the house for.

We’ll also be screening, for the very first time down under, The Monster Of Phantom Lake (2006), It Came From Another World (2007), Cave Women On Mars (2008), Terror From Beneath The Earth (2009), Destination Outer Space (2010) and Attack Of The Moon Zombies (2011)! Also featured is the Nuevo-Retro short film competition (Yesterday’s Tomorrows Today!), to be screened in conjunction with Con 9 From Outer Space, and represents a challenge to makers of short films everywhere. It’s an opportunity to honour the great monochromatic movies of yesteryear:

* No restriction on format (live action, animation, CGI, puppets, etc.)!

* Closing date for entries Friday 1st June 2012 (lots of time for any capable filmmaker).

* Selected entries are guaranteed nationwide (Australia and New Zealand) screening on both free-to-air and cable television!

* There is no restriction on themes: Space travel, giant monsters, mad scientists, alien invaders, vintage science fiction, steampunk, etc. are all gladly accepted!

* Free entry for convention members. You need not be a member of Con 9 From Outer Space to enter your film but, if not a member, then an entry fee of $15.00 will apply.

* Films should be no more than 12 minutes in duration and only films produced in 2011 or 2012 will be eligible for prizes.

* Film must look like it was made in the correct era (pre-1965) and should follow the US Hays Code of censorship (a contemporary film simply converted to black & white would not be accepted).

* All entries must be an original creation and must avoid using existing material from a film or television show. For instance, the use of stock music would be acceptable, while a simple video clip compilation would not be accepted.

* First place winner will be presented with an exclusive ‘Golden Gort‘ trophy created specifically for Con 9 From Outer Space. Other prizes are yet to be decided.

* The convention organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry if they feel the film does not meet required guidelines.

Website – www.con9fromouterspace.com

Email – con9fromouterspace@gmail.com

Promo – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdxs_9crUEI&feature=player_embedded

Con 9 From Outer Space – July 14th-15th 2012

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