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Film Review: Quench (2007)

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A boy turns to a old friend from school when he has nowhere else to turn but his friend is not the person he once was. This is a story of how people can change and a glimps into a world of occultists going on around us. Right in our own backyards.


Bo Barrett – Derek
Ben Schmitt – Jason
Samantha Eileen DeTurk – Veronica
Mia Moretti – Gina
Written, Produced, and Directed by
Zack Parker

Losing a mysterious loved one, Derek turns to a friend he hasn’t seen since highschool. Going back to his hometown he looks up Jason and asks him for a place to stay. But he notices something different about his friend.

Jason brings him back to his house and introduces him to his artistic fiance who seems just as strange. They head off to a party of Jason’s friends and Derek quickly realises that this is a completly different group of people than hes ever been around. Shaken but curious by the events taking place he accepts an undisclosed pill and passes out.When he awakes back at Jason’s house he asks questions about what he had seen but they ignore the questions and divert his attention to other things. He decides to look for a job and stay with the pair until a fight causes him to leave. He finds a friend of the couple who finally offers him insight to his friend’s new world. But what he finds is something darker than he could have imagined.And it would change his perceptions, change him, and affect his friends forever.

I have to say I really liked this movie. It is set in more of a documentary type film so it does lack the monsters, gratuitous spirting blood shots, and dramatic death scenes. But it is a compelling look into some of the cliques of the ‘human vampires’ that truley exist on our society today.

Inspired, not based, on the true life story of the Vampire Killings, Zack takes us into a world that is so dark, so bizare, yet almost carries a sense of beauty. The storyline has MANY twists to it. What you think is going to happen is probably far from what does. I also liked the casting. The actors in this film are more true to life than a big hollywood movie would have picked. Their acting skills need a little honeing at some points but for the most part are pretty good. Oh, and I personally have a thing for Jason’s charicter. A tall, hansome, clean cut guy in eyeliner…total Dai eye candy! hahaha Zack Parker produced, directed and wrote this film. Major props to him on doing a good job with all these areas. This film had an pretty low budget and you wouldn’t expect it from the quality of film that he presented. With this only being his second film you can really see the potential in this young movie maker.

I did have a few problems with the film. As I said the acting lacked a little in points and although this is Derek’s story, a little more emphasis could have been on the ‘family’ in explaining that how wide spread this group of people really is. I feel that would have made it a little easier for people to get sucked in and emphasise that this isen’t some imaginary group living soley in Indiana. The dynamics between Derek and Jason didn’t quite place as they should have. Chemistry is vital especially when it comes to your main actors. But it does sufice enough to still be a bit natural.

With all of these points taken into account, I still enjoyed the film. I thought overall it was well done and well put together. This movie is compelling, suspensful, and heart pounding. A true modern gothic tragedy. I recommend it for a good kick back and relax night.

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