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American Horror Story – All 26 Promo Teasers – Season 6!


American Horror Story – Season 6 – All the Promo Teasers under one roof

Never too late for some wicked horror video work!
As a new season of American Horror Story (Season 6) begins it’s journey taking us into yet another horror-filled ride full of surprise and dread, it is worth giving kudos and support to the excellent teaser videos leading up to it’s debut.

Rarely (if ever) have we seen this kind of pure excessively horrific pre-marketing effort presented to the public in such quantity. However, it was fun as hell to watch!

Each promo was  designed to “tease” the viewers without really giving much away as to what to “actually” expect. We looked at these clips more as really cool horror ideas designed to keep viewers enticed and in suspense. The teasers were designed to connect ideas presented from previous seasons while throwing in a few present clues along the way.

The 26 videos below are the complete collection of promo teasers releasedfor season 6. For the support of the show and for the general convenience of our viewers, we took the extra time to round up this group under one lid. So have at it!

If viewers happen catch wind of any new or additional promos released, please comment below, we’d be happy to add them



Baby Face


Bathing Beauty

Bite Me

Bite Sized

Blind Date


Camp Sight


False Eyelashes


Milli Crossing

Pitch a Fit

Post Op

Self Preservation

Sunset Stroll

The Harvest

The Lesson

The Mist

The Shadow

The Visitors


What’s Cooking

Wind Chimes

Illusion Promo


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