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Trailer: Sick (2008)

Julie has a fight with her boyfriend inside the car, while he drives her home. The fight escalates and she decides to get out of the car, in the middle of nowhere. Her boyfriend, Chris, spins the tires and disappears.

It’s a hot summer day. Julie has no idea where she is. She keeps walking in hope of finding somebody to get her a cab or a lift. It doesn’t take long for her to reach a small cabin. A huge guy is sitting outside and looks like he is sleeping. Julie tries to wake him up. What Julie couldn’t see from a distance is that the guy is deformed and possible a person with special needs, but he looks dangerous to her eyes.. She tries to escape from him, but he manages to grab her.

Julie wakes up inside the small cabin long afterwards. The place is dark and disgusting, looks like a pigsty. She starts screaming after realizing she has a bad wound on her leg. Soon, two other guys enter the cabin and a nightmare begins, while Julie isn’t exactly sure what their intentions are…


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