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‘The Orphan Killer’ Terror Mobile Bloody Custom Ride

Not too often, you hear about an independent film with a custom vehicle behind it. Per “The Orphan Killer” team, we have some new photos sent over featuring their killer ride terrorizing passerbys across the country. THE ORPHAN KILLER MURDER MACHINE POUNDS THE BLOODY PAVEMENT The first look at The Orphan Killer car is here. Designed by creator Matt Farnsworth, …

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Matt Farnsworth – The Orphan Killer – Honors pour in from Europe

Matt Farnsworth honored with the Antonio Margheriti award at the Tohorror film festival in Italy. The award symbolizes the birth of a new master creator in the genre and his monster. Exclusive pics from the bloody Italian affair. Photos by Alessandro Besso. Matt Farnsworth holds out his meat cleaver as the festival director announces the award to the crowd. “Good …

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‘The Orphan Killer’ on a worldwide festival premiere tour – AND we got new STILLS

  A bloody star is born. The first horror franchise of the 21st century spawned in social media. The latest sensation in the slasher genre. Fans have gone crazy over “The Orphan Killer movie”. They are already asking for sequels, masks, action figures, and video games, before the independent horror film has yet to be fully released. Critics and Major …

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Get Your New ‘Orphan Killer’ Mask from Trick or Treat Studios – While They Last

Creator Matt Farnsworth just dropped us the exclusive news on the new Trick or Treat Studios TOK mask and it’s bloody perfection.  The Orphan Killer has teamed up with Chris Zephro at  Trick or Treat Studios to release this amazing new screen accurate Orphan Killer mask. Hand sculpted by the popular Justin Mabry this mask is to die for. Or shall we say …

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Interview: Matt Farnsworth – Director (The Orphan Killer)

Back in April, I attended the Motor City Nightmares Convention in Novi, Mi. While browsing the various booths I came across one dedicated solely to one film. That film was “The Orphan Killer”. After having a short conversation with the films’ creator Matt Farnsworth, I decided to give it a shot. “TOK” pulls no punches and delivers on all levels. …

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2011 Horror film releases offer some real treats

Hey movie-goers, If your like me soaking up the theatrical releases every weekend and taking in all that is summer 2011, your most likely hungering for those special films that leave you with that satisfaction factor much like when “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious” arrived. (c’mon haters those were 2 cool films, admit it) Ok, I’ll admit I don’t get to see …

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