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‘The Orphan Killer’ on a worldwide festival premiere tour – AND we got new STILLS


A bloody star is born. The first horror franchise of the 21st century spawned in social media. The latest sensation in the slasher genre. Fans have gone crazy over “The Orphan Killer movie”. They are already asking for sequels, masks, action figures, and video games, before the independent horror film has yet to be fully released.

Critics and Major genre festivals have gotten news of The Orphan Killer’s studio sized 100,000 Facebook fan base, it’s stellar reviews in market tests, and have asked to premiere the film in October and November. It will now play at Shriekfest LA (U.S.) October 2nd, Sitges Film Festival (Spain) October 13th, San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain) October 28th, MORBIDO Film Festival (Mexico) October 31st, Bram Stokers International Film Festival (UK) October 31st, Terror Molins Dei Rei (Spain) November 6th, and the TO horror Film Festival (Italy) on November 11th. Creator Matt Farnsworth, star Diane Foster, and The Orphan Killer character are scheduled to attend in Hollywood, Spain, and Italy.

CEO of horrornews.net says “The Orphan Killer is great horror and great genre potion. I’m gonna have to call this one outstanding and a return to classic horror with a lethal bang! An impressive visceral contribution that will be talked about for quite some time”. READ FULL REVIEW Horror jungles says “The Orphan Killer ended climatically and very tense. I enjoyed every minute of this film. Let me tell you this is a huge hit. As of right now TOK is in my Top 10 horror films of 2011 list. I highly recommend this horror film. 9/10”.

The CULTUREGEDDON says “The Orphan Killer is a totally formulaic movie but against the odds director and star Matt Farnsworth (best known for Iowa 2005) has turned out a real franchise baby that manages to look great wearing the same old clothes. With all the cliche ingredients to be Halloween on Elm Street part 7 this movie risks falling very flat but ends up a real solid slasher that delivers on all expectations of gore and action.” READ FULL REVIEW The Orphan Killers viral activity and Facebook confirmed phenomenon continues to burn up the web. For more information follow the link https://www.facebook.com/orphankiller

 to The Orphan Killers Fan page.

Official Website: http://www.theorphankiller.com/

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