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2011 Horror film releases offer some real treats

Hey movie-goers, If your like me soaking up the theatrical releases every weekend and taking in all that is summer 2011, your most likely hungering for those special films that leave you with that satisfaction factor much like when “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious” arrived. (c’mon haters those were 2 cool films, admit it)

Ok, I’ll admit I don’t get to see every horror film we review…however I do try and catch the ones that my reviewers say to check out. Now so far for this summer, I’m digging all things superhero. But for the sake of this article, there are a few titles that you should maker on your – need to check out list.

I’ve listed these below with their appropriate reviews:


The Perfect Host

The Orphan Killer

Evil Things


The Bleeding House

This list is far from over, but I thought it would be a nice gesture to give kudos to a few to start with. Oh ya, some of these are not released yet, but soon will be…so keeps your eyes peeled (or peeled back for that matter) – These got the Bonedigger thumbs up!

On with the show!!

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