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The Orphan Killer Gets a Boost with Recent Ban

The Orphan Killer joins the ranks of horror film infamy. Last month the German government banned the film in their country putting TOK among the greatest in horror history. The Orphan Killer now sits along side films such as Hostel 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, original Dawn of the Dead, The Last House On The Left, SAW 7, Evil Dead, and many other cult classics.

The fan mail from Germany is pouring in for creator Matt Farnsworth as his list of accolades among the horror community has skyrocketed since the film was self released a little over a year ago. Studios such as Lionsgate and Anchor Bay had made offers to put the film out but a deal was never reached. Most often times a film that carries that much weight is put out by a US studio. Farnsworth has used social media to reach a massive audience in horror and yet the film is still being discovered by so many new fans daily. The film is an official selection this year at the Montreal Comicon and the Montreal Horrorfest and is scheduled to make it’s Canadian premiere the weekend of September 14th. For more information about the ban of the film in Germany follow this link. http://www.schnittberichte.com/news3.php?ID=3849 “Beschlagnahme” means confiscated, which equals banned.
The reason for the ban is listed as “Glorification of violence”. Director Farnsworth says he is more motivated than ever to continue to promote the film to the masses of horror fans who have not been made aware the film exists. There is a vast ocean of horror fans who do not even know The Orphan Killer is available to buy, yet it sits alongside such horror classics. Farnsworth is currently in negotiation with the top two mask manufacturing companies in the U.S. The deal will distribute the official TOK cinema replica mask into over 2,000 retail stores in the U.S. by October. It is only a matter of time before the world catches up with the bloody Orphan Killer and finds out why “True Pain is Screamless”. The Orphan Killer can be purchased region free on Bluray and DVD from the official store and more information can be found on the official Facebook Page.  The film stars Diane
and David Backhaus.

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