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The Everglades Killings (2016)

SYNOPSIS: It’s March in South Florida. The beach towns are flush with young people looking for action and excitement. For one unlucky group of thrill-seeking spring breakers, their adventure leads to the black waters of the Florida Everglades – a place with mosquitoes the size of birds, snakes as long as school busses and tens of thousands of flesh-ripping alligators. …

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Film Review: The Good Things Devils Do (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: “Richard, a small-time gangster is retiring. Before he can, he must take one last job: to steal money from a rival gangster’s house. Miles apart, Melvin is a reluctant family man who has dreams of becoming a famous curator for his Museum of the Macabre. His newest acquisition? The remains of the notorious Masquerade, a vampire born from the embers of hell, slain centuries …

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The Barn (2016)

SYNOPSIS: It’s Halloween 1989 and best friends Sam and Josh (Mitchell Musolino and Will Stout) are trying to enjoy their last “Devil’s Night” before graduating high school. Trouble soon arises when the two pals and a group of friends (Lexi Dripps, Cortland Woodard, Nikki Darling and Nickolaus Joshua) take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an …

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KILLER BABES AND THE FRIGHTENING FILM FIASCO – In Development starring Linnea Quigley and Debbie Rochon

TITLE: KILLER BABES AND THE FRIGHTENING FILM FIASCO Directed by Brett Mullen (Bombshell Bloodbath, Bloody Ballet a.k.a Fantasma) Starring: Linnea Quigley (Night of the Demons, Return of the Living Dead), Debbie Rochon (Bloody Ballet, Model Hunger), Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley, Extremity, Night of the Demons Remake), Emma Bellomy (Plays Dollface in The Strangers: Prey at Night) and Tristian Risk (American …

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Film Review: Trophy Heads (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Six famous b-movie scream queens find themselves the target of a sick fan’s obsession with their films. One by one, they are kidnapped and forced to recreate the biggest death scenes of their career. Except this time, their very lives are on the line. REVIEW: Full Moon Studios producer-director Charles Band returns to the horror spotlight with the web …

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Film Review: Creepozoids (1987)

SYNOPSIS: In a post-apocalyptic setting billed as World War III a group of military deserters are on the lamb from the line of duty, the enemy as well as climactic conditions such as fatal acid rain. They encounter a deserted government research facility in the guise of a bomb shelter. Together they vie to survive the elements, regroup and investigate …

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Werewolf thriller BONEHILL ROAD, starring horror icon Linnea Quigley, on DVD this October

THIS OCTOBER, HUNGER SHOWS NO MERCY From legendary underground filmmaker Todd Sheets comes a howlingly terrifying werewolf movie for Halloween, Bonehill Road! Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to dive head first into another. Terrified and alone they are stranded in the dark woods only to be chased into a horrific scene in a house or horrors. …

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