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Book Reviews

Book Review: Undead L.A. – Volume 2 – Author Devan Sagliani

Undead L.A. Volume 2 By: Devan Sagliani Laughing Crow Media 121 Pages A collection of short stories with a central theme surrounding a post-apocalyptic realm and the city of Los Angeles. Fever Dream: Dora and Jamal two transients vie to stay alive in harrowing conditions. Black Crow Laughing: It’s true love when Tyler risks all for Emily. We Are the …

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Book Review: Global Weirdness – Authors Climate Central

Bearing the title “Global Weirdness“, you might mistake this for just another apocalypse-laden read. The book is created under the Climate Central group who (from the series of emails I received) are a group with a much needed concern for our planet’s direction. Not in the sense of politics, prophecy, or social agendas, but to simply alert us to what …

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Book Review: Zombies and Power Tools – Author Alan Spencer

ZOMBIE AND POWER TOOLS I sit now, typing this review with smug satisfaction curling my lips into a smile. I’ve just finished reading Alan Spencer’s gore streaked zombie novel, Zombies and Power Tools, and I gotta say I’m impressed with his take on the walking dead. Mr. Spencer introduces us to a quiet little town and many of its inhabitants …

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Book review: Extreme Cinema: The Transgressive Rhetoric of Today’s Art Film Culture – Author Mattias Frey

“Extreme Cinema: The Transgressive Rhetoric of Today’s Art Film Culture” marks the next addition into the handful of books published on this category of film genre. The subject of extremism in films is by no means a new concept, but one that has gotten pushed from out from the purely underground circuit to new audiences with the emergence of new …

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Book Review: The Cabin in the Woods Official Novelization – Author Tim Lebbon

The Cabin in the Woods Official Novelization Author Tim Lebbon The novelization of the film The Cabin in the Woods written by Tim Lebbon. The basic storyline (without giving away any spoilers though I think anyone who would be interested in reading this novel has already seen the movie and knows what happens) revolves around a group of college students …

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Book Review: Dark Teardrops – Author Catherine Tramell

Dark Teardrops takes me back to my youth to the days of experiencing “devil movies” for the first time. Not your typical afternoon haunts or latest monster showcase, they were something quite entirely of their own device. Dark Teardrops embraces this era by taking us thru a familiar and unnerving story building on well thought out circumstances that are rich …

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