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Book Review: The Prince of Earth – Author Mike Robinson

The Prince of Earth - Author Mike Robinson-book-coverThe Prince of the Earth
By Mike Robinson
Curiosity Quills Publishing

183 Pages

Quincy’s life has been turned upside down. Although she’s suffered from anxiety in the past it seems as though her very grip on reality is coming apart at the seams. Memories eclipse fantasy, events shadow circumstance and even family members may or may not have ever existed.

Returning frequently to a monumental time on a rocking climbing expedition, she encounters an ominous creature that challenges everything she’d known past, present and future. Will the Prince of The Earth hold the key to her enlightenment and very survival or will Quincy be forever trapped in a crazed limbo?

The Prince of The Earth will mark the first expedition I’ve undertaken with not only this publishing company but with author Mike Robinson as well. The author’s premise of drafting the story back and forth between two time lines is fresh, innovative and moves the plot along at an exciting pace. It takes no time flat for the momentum to pick up within the pages and most readers will digest this psychological thriller within two to three sittings.

Quincy’s struggle with reality is depicted with exceptional sense of foreboding. Anyone who may have encountered obstacles in coping with mental illness will no question relate to the tale of The Prince of The Earth. Its evident Robinson has done extensive research to breathe that certain sense of suspended believability for his reading audience.

Robinson’s prose is often poetic and captivating. The descriptive is highly vivid and often grisly in nature. We not only virtually see the action unfold within our minds but feel all of the turmoil lead protagonist Quincy is experiencing.

Quincy is created with effective ease. She’s a protagonist the readership will readily relate to. On an almost subconscious level we wish to see her rise above all adversity and conquer her inner demons.

Quite often the passages of time that took place on Quincy’s rock climbing expedition are created from a second person point of view perspective. At first glance it becomes a little confusing as this type of point of view writing can be immensely challenge. Robinson appears to achieve what he’s shooting for in the end, all the while challenging and beckoning his reading audience deeper into the fray of madness.

The secondary characters are likeable and are no question relevant. We question not their sense of authenticity and each presence enhances the story line as opposed to distraction. The dialogue reigns true breathing further plausibility into the plight of Quincy’s conflict.

The final act unfolds with compelling grandiose. A climax is derived that the average reader will not possibly predict. I for-see a most brilliant writing future ahead for Mike Robinson and I highly look forward to reading additional works.

The Prince of the Earth is available at Curiosity Quills Publishing

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