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Book Review: Inside the Sideshow Studio: A Modern Renaissance Environment – Author William Stout

Inside-the-Sideshow-Studio-A-Modern-Renaissance-Environment-(1)Sideshow Collectables……… what can I say, I’m jealous. This book acts like a virtual brochure to one of the most interesting looking places to work for.

I will say up to reviewing this book, I was not as familiar with the company itself. Although I went thru a phase where I collected alot of Spawn Figures, I was not as familiar with the variety of companies that were dedicated to producing such additionally cool collectables.

Sideshow Collectibles is one such company that specializes in pop culture collectable figures. One look at their high quality products and any movie fan boy will instantly start to recognize some of the great items they have produced

The product line ranges from Marvel, DC, Lords of the Rings, Star Wars and to other great franchises. Simply put, it’s the kind of eye candy we all love sitting on our creative workstations.

Speaking of work stations, a book is now available that gives you a glimpse into their world. The book I’m talking about is this new release from Insight Editions called “Inside the Sideshow Studio: A Modern Renaissance Environment” . This 128 pages full color hardbound book is rich in phonographic elegance capturing tons of inside photos from the company of same name.


We not only get cool richly colored photos of great products….. but the variety of environments that these very products are created in. It simple redefines the idea of “cool working area” while we are taken on a virtual photographic tour of several department work stations. The graphic designs, the creators, the sorts of collectables that they surround themselves with.

Well look no further than some of the example pages included below to grab a peak at the tapestry of color, creativity and productivity that provides a foundation for these  brilliant artists to absorb (while they continue to churn pf some amazing products for fans of all ages to enjoy). It falls somehow between an interactive circus and a teenage comic/sy-fy fan’s domain that almost presents like its own living museum of sorts. Props, mediums, art supplies, decor and sculptures of all sorts and sizes adorn each location within giving the fans of these products deeper insight into how its all processed and planned.

Inside the Sideshow Studio A Modern Renaissance Environment is available at Insight Editions

Inside-the-Sideshow-Studio-A-Modern-Renaissance-Environment-(3) Inside-the-Sideshow-Studio-A-Modern-Renaissance-Environment-(4)

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