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Mike Joy

HorrorNews.net Manager. Located in New Jersey. I've been with HNN since it's creation in 2008. Responsibilities: managing talent, acquisitions, new programs, website strategizing, celebrity interviews, public relations, the paranormal column, “Unexplained Confidential”, and more. unexplainedconfidential.blogspot.com

GOREROT: a splatter film is now filming and funding

Step into the twisted world of SamHel, a visionary of the macabre, as he unleashes his latest creation upon the unsuspecting masses. Currently in production, “GOREROT” formerly known as, “Illusions of A Sky Tyrant” beckons you to delve into a nightmarish realm where brutality knows no bounds. Prepare yourself for a blood-soaked journey through a kaleidoscope of terror. From savage …

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a Southern Horror… an anthology feature film with a soul-crushing taste of horror and humanity… Launches Indiegogo Campaign

a Southern Horror anthology feature film is a collection from filmmakers in Columbus, Georgia. They’ve recently launched a haunting Indiegogo Campaign. a Southern Horror unfurls as a dark journey through the haunted landscape of the American South, where Adelaide, tough but broken by her past, finds herself entangled in a web of sinister events and supernatural dread.

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ARENA WARS set to come out June 25th 2024 from Gravitas Ventures

Arena Wars, an upcoming film from Gravitas Ventures, is set to battle its way onto screens in June 25th, 2024. Directed by Brandon Slagle and produced by Mahal Empire Productions, this action-packed movie stars Michael Madsen, Robert LaSardo, Eric Roberts, and John Wells. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect: In the year 2045, convicted criminals are given a unique …

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Official Trailer – F’d: Tales from the End Times

“Award-winning horror anthology F’d: Tales from the End Times announces the release of its first trailer today. The film, which centers around a roster of stories from some of horror’s most visionary directors, all taking place on the day the world ends, is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit. Featured Directors include Ash Hamilton (Holes in the Sky: …

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Attend the “Pandemic Sex Party” … if you dare! | Official Trailer

Production has quietly begun on Pandemic Sex Party, about a masked maniac brutally crashing the titular bash. Writer/director Myles Erfurth says don’t let the title fool you! Pandemic Sex Party is a balls-to-the-wall gritty horror flick and pure grindhouse terror. Today, fans are being invited to join the party and participate in Pandemic Sex Party’s incentive-laden Indiegogo campaign. Pandemic Sex …

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105ive Films, Goggle Boy Films option Haunted Canada books

EXCLUSIVE: The prodcos are developing a teen-focused horror series based on the Scholastic Canada anthology. Ontario-based prodcos 105ive Films and Goggle Boy Films have optioned the rights to the Haunted Canada anthology book series. The anthology is published by Scholastic Canada and is a collection of ghost stories with Canadian origins. The prodcos have optioned nine books in the series, …

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New Thriller, “Jackknife” staring award winning actor Douglas Vermeeren

Adam Jack’s thriller, JACKKNIFE is getting a lot of buzz on the festival circuit.  The film’s star, Douglas Vermeeren recently won best actor for portraying the villain, Billy LaChance. A fun afternoon of fishing turns frightening when a young black brother and sister are attacked in the woods by a drifter. While fighting him off, the brother accidentally kills their …

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Teaser Video for South Jersey’s newest haunted attraction, FEAR VILLAGE

Horror director, Mario Cerrito has released a short film titled, “Wall of Souls” for his upcoming haunted attraction, FEAR VILLAGE. The Village Master, played by Michael Joy, makes his terrifying debut to promote the “Wall of Souls” perks which is currently available on the FEAR VILLAGE Indiegogo Campaign. FEAR VILLAGE is a haunted cursed town where man’s darkest fantasies meet …

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“THE WOODMEN” Now Streaming on Tubi

Joshua Brucker’s “THE WOODMEN,” produced by Louie La Vella’s 105ive Films with Gray Sky Pictures and Horror Dadz Productions, is now thrilling viewers on Tubi. This gripping found footage film plunges three individuals into a life-or-death struggle against a clan of feral humans in the Great Smoky Mountains. With its heart-pounding narrative and raw, immersive experience, “THE WOODMEN” redefines the …

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