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Mike Joy

HorrorNews.net Manager. Located in New Jersey. I've been with HNN since it's creation in 2008. Responsibilities: managing talent, acquisitions, new programs, website strategizing, celebrity interviews, public relations, the paranormal column, “Unexplained Confidential”, and more. unexplainedconfidential.blogspot.com

New Movie, The Alien Report, Face-To-Face With Alien Beings

Earths Dreamland, a new startup film company, is preparing a test-run “early release” of its breakout alien phenomena movie, The Alien Report. U.F.O. researcher and writer Nomar Slevik wrote, “The Alien Report is genuine and terrifying, this is what is being reported.” The film tells the story of a troubled 18-year-old boy who has figured out a clever way to …

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Frankenthug and Vampiyaz bring urban horrors to your neighborhood Now Available on DVD

Vampiyaz and Frankenthug are available now on DVD from Windowmaker Films. Vampiyaz Jakeem has been in prison for the last eight years, convicted for a crime he didn’t commit after he was set up by gangsters. Now he wants to settle the score, and seeks revenge accordingly, but things have changed since he left the neighborhood. Revenge takes a backseat …

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Poster and Stills from HNN Presents: Psycho Therapy

HNN Presents: Psycho Therapy directed by Joshua Nelson is available on DVD from Bayview Entertainment. Psycho Therapy stars Chelsea Rose Barreto, Laura Capparelli, and Vincent Caprio and is released under the new Horrornews.net distribution label. Psycho Therapy A therapist under tremendous pressure finally snaps and takes her vengeance out on her patients in this dark horror/comedy.

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Watch H.P Lovecraft’s Two Left Arms FREE on Friday, April 16th

On Friday, April 16th Bayview Entertainment is hosting “Free Movie Friday” with the showing of H.P. Lovecraft’s Two Left Arms. Carter arrives in Italy to restore an ancient painting hidden in a de-consecrated church. As he goes about his work, he discovers the surroundings occupied by people performing strange rituals and a town that is hiding a mystery concerning the …

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Bloody Good Clip from ‘I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker’

Bayview Entertainment offers a Bloody Good Clip from the Horror-Comedy, ‘I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker’. Available everywhere vampires live! For generations the Harker family has protected the cursed skull of the last master vampire, the source of all vampire power on Earth. But in a modern day Midwestern town, no like likes the last remaining Harker …

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Graphic Novel, ‘Stay Alive’ nominated for Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award

James C. Harberson’s STAY ALIVE has been nominated for Best Horror Graphic Novels or Collections (Category 22) at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. STAY ALIVE is a horror comedy about celebrity exploitation, mob justice, and serial killers. Its heroine, Jane Morgan, is an actress fallen from an Oscar-nominated film debut into personal misadventures and Z-grade, T-and-A slasher flicks. Desperate …

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Fun.com Re-launches Exorcist Linda Blair 8 Inch Action Figure

In 1973, a movie was released that would shake the foundation of the horror industry and our image of evil would never be the same again. Linda Blair’s immortal character ‘Regan’ from THE EXORCIST has been reborn into an 8 inch Action Figure. Fun.com / HalloweenCostumes.com has re-launched the evil and it’s available now. You need this possession! Exorcist Linda …

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Seasons – Four Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror w/ Jeremy London, Lisa Wilcox, Felissa Rose, Reggie Bannister & Lynn Lowry

Subsoil Films is putting together the horror anthology, ‘Seasons – Four Spine-Tingling Tales of Terror’ and you can join the team or support the film through IndieGoGo. This already loaded production stars Jeremy London (Kevin Smith’s Mallrats), Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) & Lynn Lowry (I Drink Your Blood), …

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Official Trailer: The Poltergeist Diaries w/ Eric Roberts

Bayview Entertainment has released the official trailer for upcoming feature film, The Poltergeist Diaries, featuring Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Inherent Vice, Best of the Best). Coming soon to DVD and VOD. The Poltergeist Diaries synopsis After moving to an isolated cabin, Jacob Taylor vanishes without a trace. With the help of footage he leaves behind, his family members, friends …

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