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TAHOE JOE 2: Bigfoot Conspiracy Coming This Memorial Day!

The true life friendship duo of Dillon Brown and Michael Rock is never more present than what the two bring to their on-screen “bromance” in Tahoe Joe. Brown and Rock met while Brown was working on a horror film in 2021 and the two hit off immediately. They love making found footage style horror films together, but more importantly, have learned that casting veterans and first-responders who suffer from PTSD (something Rock battles routinely from his time as a Green Beret during the Iraq war and in his current position as an investigator tackling child sex crimes and eliminating child predators for a three-letter agency) have greatly benefited from acting as a form of therapy. Because of this, the two have cast veterans and first responders in favor of traditional actors in most of their films.

TAHOE JOE 2: The Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Conspiracy (2024)

After a popular social media influencer goes missing in the Tahoe National Forest, filmmakers Michael Rock and Dillon Brown set out on a rescue mission, but get more than they bargained for when returning to the famous hunting grounds of Tahoe Joe. Featuring cameos from original SCREAM actors, Nancy Ann Ridder and Leonora Scelfo, and a Bigfoot design from Immortal Masks!

*The film had its world premiere at the Unnamed Footage Festival last month in San Francisco, CA*



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