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Mike Joy

HorrorNews.net Manager. Located in New Jersey. I've been with HNN since it's creation in 2008. Responsibilities: managing talent, acquisitions, new programs, website strategizing, celebrity interviews, public relations, the paranormal column, “Unexplained Confidential”, and more. unexplainedconfidential.blogspot.com

“13 Tracks To Frighten Agatha Black” comes to Blu-ray on December 13 from VIPCO & Bayview Entertainment

“13 Tracks To Frighten Agatha Black” is coming to Blu-ray on December 13, 2022 | Pre-order November 15, 2022 from VIPCO & Bayview Entertainment. After a tragic event, a sheltered young woman seeks the comfort of some long-forgotten scary story records from her youth. The specter of losing her family home and a string of crimes in her neighborhood propel …

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New Horror Short “BITCH” Logo & Stills Terrifies For Halloween

New horror short “BITCH” will be released just in time for Halloween from Feral Llama Entertainment. “I really loved working on this project ‘Bitch’ as it’s something outside of the box from what we’ve seen in horror cinema probably since the 60’s and 70’s. Not only is it a play on a female werewolf but doing the special effects practically …

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HNN EXCLUSIVE – First 15 Minutes of Award Winning Found Footage Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story!!!

] To celebrate the November 1st VOD release of the multiple award winning found footage film Holes in the Sky: The Sean Miller Story, horrornews.net has been given exclusive access to the first 15 minutes of the film to share with our audience. The movie, written and directed by filmmaker Ash Hamilton has garnered an impressive 24 awards on its …

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Slasher, the Social Network for Horror, Is Going Global for Horror Fans Everywhere

This Fall, horror fans around the world will finally get to be a part of the social network for horror – Slasher. Previously available only in the U.S. and Canada via mobile app, Slasher will be expanding its community of diehard horror fans to the web for a worldwide release. This presents new opportunities for horror fans and creators to …

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Rise of APEX: Black Market Escape Rooms delivers a stunning sequel to their popular immersive and interactive experience, MurderCo: The Harvest, for the 2022 Halloween Season

The Harvest: Rise of APEX is an intense interactive immersive theater experience that literally will have its guests running non-stop out of fear for forty-five minutes. As the Harvest story continues, APEX has founded his own religion with followers, The People’s Church. This religion is based upon APEX surviving, what psychologists called, a horrific suicide attempt and deeming himself immortal. …

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Dark Tales from Channel X Now Available from Bayview Entertainment

Dark Tales from Channel X from directors Manny & Lindsay Serrano is now available on DVD from Bayview Entertainment. The film stars Michelle Nuñez, Angie Hansen, and Sarah Schoofs. Synopsis: A babysitter, Cassie, finds an old TV set in the basement which pulls her into the world of The Viewer, an anonymous entity in a mask. The Viewer broadcasts seven …

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Bermuda Island Official Trailer w/ Tom Sizemore and Greg Tally

Bermuda Island directed by Adam Werth stars Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killers), Greg Tally (Camp Pleasant Lake), John Wells (Arena Wars), and Noel Gugliemi (Training Day). SYNOPSIS: Passengers on their way to a tropical paradise crash at sea and find themselves on a deserted island. Desperate to survive the elements and infighting between survivors, they find that the island has …

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