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Mike Joy

HorrorNews.net Manager. Located in New Jersey. I've been with HNN since it's creation in 2008. Responsibilities: managing talent, acquisitions, new programs, website strategizing, celebrity interviews, public relations, the paranormal column, “Unexplained Confidential”, and more. unexplainedconfidential.blogspot.com

Exclusive Clip: Static Codes

HNN has an Exclusive Clip of the new Sci-Fi Thriller STATIC CODES from Director/Producer, David M Parks, Producers, Jared Safier & Thomas Walton,  and Associate Producer Michael Joy. In this clip we see Shane Woodson as Richard Wiltz and Mike Ferguson as Steve Wilson, who are best friends forever! Starring Shane Woodson (RESIDENT EVIL :EXTINCTION), Augie Duke (THE MAYANS) , …

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Exclusive Clip: King Jeff’s ‘Troubleshooters’

Here’s a 2 minute clip from King Jeff’s multi-award winning sci-fi feature ‘Troubleshooters’, which is now available for streaming on Tubi TV. Synopsis: In the near future, when laser blasting home and business security robots begin malfunctioning and attacking and killing the people they’re assigned to protect, a cracker-jack team known as ‘Troubleshooters’ are called in to stop the robots …

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Night of the Insolent Vermin Now Available on Blu-ray from Bayview Entertainment

Night of the Insolent Vermin directed by Gary DeJidas and starring Kayla Strada; Jaydelise Volquez; and Anna Faith is now available on Blu-ray from Bayview Entertainment. A diverse group of girlfriends, and a Dominican drifter they snatched from a couple of creeps, decide to hunker down together to ride out a colossal hurricane rolling through Florida. But this is no …

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GHOST – A Love Letter To Roger Corman B-Movies, Now Available on Tubi

GHOST starring genre icon Vernon Wells (Commando, Mad Max 2) is inspired by Roger Corman B-Movies and available now on Tubi TV. Director Dillon Brown works as a Program Analyst for the Department of Defense and has joined forces with highly decorated former Green Beret, Michael Rock, to cast actual veterans, first responders and law enforcement in the film, as …

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Giant Michael Myers inflatables available for pre-order from HalloweenCostumes.com

Michael Myers Halloween Inflatable Decoration are now available for pre-order from HalloweenCostumes.com. This iconic horror movie character from John Carpenter’s classic Halloween is bigger than life and in-stock mid-September. Imagine having The Shape himself standing outside your house waiting to greet unsuspected trick or treaters. Halloween just got that much more impressive. Pre-order Michael Myers inflatables: 8 Foot: https://www.halloweencostumes.com/halloween-8ft-michael-myers-inflatable-decoration.html 15 …

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Static Codes starring Taryn Manning, Sadie Katz, Mike Ferguson Now Streaming

STATIC CODES starring Shane Woodson (RESIDENT EVIL :EXTINCTION), Augie Duke (THE MYANS) , Mike Ferguson (THE LAST DEAL), Taryn Manning (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK ), and Sadie Katz (THE BEAST INSIDE) is streaming now on Amazon. Directed by David M Parks, Produced by Jared Safier and David M Parks, and Associate Producer Michael Joy. A man’s wife was abducted …

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Obsession with Martina Chen: From Instagram Star to Vengeful Spirit

In an exclusive interview, Chaz Fenwick delves into the enigmatic world of Martina Chen, an Instagram sensation with over 235K followers. Hailing from vibrant Shanghai, China, now based in Australia. Martina takes us behind the scenes of, “Malice: Nui Gui,” and reveals her thoughts on the film’s themes, her character, and the powerful message it conveys. Chaz Fenwick: “Martina, thanks …

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MovingFast Pictures, proudly presents its debut release, “Anti-Wonderful,” a bizarre cinematic experience that seamlessly blends elements of horror and nihilistic humor. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as a group of death-loving misfits recklessly share their provocative beliefs with the audience. Brace yourself for a unique blend of sketches, interviews, and possibly real stories, all subject to …

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They Came Back from Somewhere 1950s style sci-fi creature feature film crowdfunding campaign launches

The 1950’s style sci-fi creature feature film THEY CAME BACK FROM SOMEWHERE launches crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. After saving Earth, the Gorkian Luma is cloned and returns to Earth to find his human girlfriend Patty. When the Gorkian Supreme Leader discovers Luma is missing, he sends a clone of his most feared warrior Quasar, along with two warriors, to …

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