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Leo Godin is a writer and music lover. His stories twist and pull your emotions like a like a six-year-old eating a half-melted Sugar Daddy. Learn more about his stories and musical tastes at leogodin.net

Music Review: Grown Below – The Long Now

Album cover: Grown Below - The Long Now

Genre-defining albums have sprinkled metal’s history with those few releases that transcend what’s been done before. Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All taught us metal could be heavy and still be rock and roll, Quiot Riot’s Metal Health ushered in a decade of hair bands, and Nirvana’s Nevermind killed that decade with a single song. More recently, Amorphis gave us Skyforger and …

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Music Review: Product Of Hate – The Unholy Manipulator

Product Of Hate - The Unholy Manipulator CD cover

Metal is rife with various genres and subgenres today. From doom to death, symphonic to folkloric, progressive to rapcore, everyone needs to classify themselves into a comfortable definition. Product of Hate isn’t having any of it. According to the genre tag on their debut EP The Unholy Manipulator, they’re just “Fucking METAL!” There are no ballads, symphonic melodies, flutes, synthesizers, …

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Music Review: The Undergrave Experience – Macabre – Il Richiamo Delle Ombre

Album cover for Macabre – Il Richiamo Delle Ombre by The Undergrave Experience

Macabre – Il Richiamo Dell Ombre represents a marriage between experimental metal and horror. Where Alice Cooper, Gwar and Slipknot had their flings with dark themes, The Undergrave Experience bought the ring and committed. Not just a stage gimmick, Macabre is two songs comprising forty-three minutes of horror movie music. Fusing rock and orchestral instruments with drawn-out doom voices, the …

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Music Review: The Sullen Route – Apocalyclinic

Album cover for The Sullen Route - Apocalyclinic

The Sullen Route is a four-piece band from Volgograd Russia. Moving away from their death metal roots, they branch out into new territory with sophomore release Apocalyclinic. The band’s label Bad Mood Man Music has this to say about their style: “«Apocalyclinic» demonstrates evolution from orthodox doom death metal to the area which cannot be definitely classified: in the new …

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Music Review: Kristian Day – Ambient Martyr: Selected Works of Kristian Day

Kristian Day Ambient Martyr album cover

To truly appreciate a musician who composes film scores, you need to watch a movie from the composer. I found 100 Tears on Netflix instant play and watched cleavers through the skull, cleavers through the stomach and even cleavers through the groin to put some context into Day’s music. In 100 Tears, his work is quite good, but since Ambient …

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