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Music Review: Pathology – Awaken to the Suffering

Awaken to the Suffering, the third full length album from Pathology, brings a new vocalist, but keeps the band’s trademark sound. Pounding drums played at breakneck speed drive the band and the album. Drummer and original band member Dave Astor dominates every song with his energy. It’s difficult to believe anything short of a drum machine can play so fast, but this video will make a believer out of you.

Guitars on the album mostly stick to classic metal riffs a la Metallica and Slayer. Taken by themselves, the guitarists are pretty good, but are nearly drowned out by the drums.  Often the guitarists seem to play several beats slower than the drummer, which decreases impact and makes them sound more like noise than music.

Vocals on the album conform to the newer style where the vocalist holds the microphone up to his mouth and exhales hoarse sounds. While not bringing much variation or style, Jonathan Huber does a decent job, and would fit in with a lot of bands.

When drums, guitars and vocals come together, Pathology is pretty good. Society’s Desolation and Dissected by Righteousness show the band’s potential. They certainly can write and play good songs, but don’t seem to have the right chemistry on most of the album.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of death metal, but I can recognize talent in bands like Immolation and Acid Witch. The genre is not without merit. Pathology has a world of talent, especially in drummer Dave Astor. This album just doesn’t do a good job showcasing that talent, and while it has its moments, Awaken to the Suffering doesn’t reveal enough creativity to recommend.

Track List:

      1. Revocation of Earth
      2. Emesis
      3. Opposing Globalization
      4. Festering In Filth
      5. Humanity’s Cesspool
      6. A Perverse Existence
      7. Prolonging The Suffering
      8. Society’s Desolation
      9. Media Consumption
      10. Hostility Towards Conformity
      11. Ingestion Of Creation
      12. Dissected By Righteousness

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