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Book Review: Symposium of the Reaper | Author Andrew Adams

Symposium of the Reaper

By Andrew Adams

151 Pages

A collection of thirteen dark, macabre tales to tantalize terror and spine-tingling tension for readers from all levels of society.

Symposium of the Reapers marks the inaugural stroll through the valley of darkness taken with author Andrew Adams.

The vivid imagery and astounding descriptions found within this collection places the reader directly into the fray of action. From an audience point of view, we virtually see, hear, feel, and breathe all that is within. It is evident Adams has factual knowledge and/or experience in painting a most effective backdrop for his readers.

The anthology format is brief and no small feat for an aspiring writer of any genre to effectively pull off. Challenge of the day, being to captivate the readers’ attention, fixate, perpetuate, and repeat. In a realm where a vast number of the population is addicted to Tik Tok, Instagram, and a plethora of instant gratification on social media, the written word manages to survive. The creator of Symposium of the Reaper has a firm grasp on the necessity of luring an audience and manages to pull it off with the finesse of a well seasoned author.

Another noteworthy element of Adams’ style is the ability maximize conflict escalation, plot development and momentum. Each tale unravels more naturally with ease. Just when the reader becomes comfortable within the vicarious written escape, creepy grandiose slithers within the subconsciousness.

Dialogue also flows as naturally from one character to the other. Each story continues to manifest discussion, chatter and proclamations more naturally with ease. Upon the final pages, one cannot help but feel the conversations reign true to life. The closest analogy I can conjure is overhearing two people rapport in another booth at your favorite local diner.

Each story contains climax and conclusion that correlates with a proverbial exhale of satisfaction. With virtual oblivious fashion the readership exorcises all angst ladled fear and anxiety. Afterall, isn’t that what an effective reading journey should be all about?

The character development beginning with Pavor Nocturnus all the way through The Boy Who Feared Everything (all the while refusing to relent among the journey) is most impressive. A bona fide sense of empathy is unveiled for the protagonists. We sense a little of ourselves in each, or at very least or idealistic sense of values and morals for the characters. Our sense of like for each of these characters is attained as naturally as meeting a new acquaintance. Of course, the polar opposite would be an unease state of disdain we feel for the antagonists like a sworn adversary.

With a fine blend of paranormal, supernatural, psychological, and splatter-punk terror themes, there is truly something on the menu for appetites of all newbs and connoisseurs alike. Easily one of my favorites would have to be Machiavellian. It has often been stated that any effective horror has a fine line to cross with humor. In other words, comedy often runs deep with tragedy and vice versa. The theme of Machiavellian is one not often so boldly chartered and I admire Adams for having the courage to do so. This is one particular instance where any aspiring author would do well to lead by this example.

It is clear author Andrew Adams is a fan of the genre. Special attention is indictive through originality. One thing that consistently insults the intelligence of our community is the repetitive nature of content and of course cliché. Of course, none of us are impervious to its perils. This author most definitely has a colossal degree of respect for the industry and its fans. I’m also curious of who may influence this budding new wordsmith. What scares Andrew Adams?

As a consumer, I would gladly stand in line for any future endeavors crafted from this author. I’m confident it would not to long to scare up company along the way

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