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Book Review: Night of the Undead Whores – Author Eric Kapitan

Night of the Undead Whores

By Eric Kapitan

65 Pages

The ballad of Aaron and the symphony of destruction orchestrated from the most hideous of composition. His unrelenting lust for carnal mayhem and blood knows no bounds. When his darkened mentor Bob begins to eclipse his own reality, Aaron soon realizes his evil deeds come with unfathomed consequences.

Night of The Undead Whores few can deny is a title that no question beckons a great deal of attention. Not at all void of controversy yet at the same time a certain sense of grim levity is inspired. While even the most cynical of readers may think they can predict the tone, prose and outcome of this peculiar novel, rest assured there is a little something here for fans of all walks of life within the horror realm.

Kapitan’s premier eruption before the written thriller community comes in the form of a most brief, compact form. Comparable to a borderline short story or novella, Night of The Undead Whores is the precise length of perfection to provide allure to a vast reading audience of varying intrigue. I’ll be the first to go officially on record in stating that I rarely read, then re-read (and in full disclosure in this case) read once again any written pieces submitted to me for review.

NOTUW I simply had to revisit a second time just to satiate my own personal curiosity, in pondering, “Just what in exactly did I read here?” The third time was to confirm all of the havoc and taboo carnage was not all in my imagination.

It is evident author Eric Kapitan makes no apologies in his content. Will some be offended? Sure. Will it create controversy? No doubt. Will this novel remain a fixated topic of conversation among novice and well-read horror authors for years to come? A most resounding yes.

The horrific, for lack of better terms splatter punk type scenes that unfold are indicative of a creator that is no question a fan of the genre. Reading this tale can be aptly described as witnessing the skin crawling car wreck that you drive by. One simply cannot unseen the sights just witnessed, yet one can not deviate their gaze either.

Kapitan bravely and boldly pushes the envelope, and the horror genre is blessed for his efforts. After all it is innovators such as these that are the trend setters within the world of creativity. If our cherished media form were just the same rehashed, tired stories turned out in varying forms, the life of horror would become stale and die a very quiet death all on its own. As peculiar as it may seem, authors and artists such as Kapitan provide hope in an often-dismal genre.

Somewhere between the initial act of exposition through Aaron’s first-person point of view and the second act of plot escalation we begin to see a most subtle shift. As the reading audience we begin to feel a certain sense of empathy for young Aaron’s upbringing. We feel his pain and sorrow, vicarious reliving our own short comings that life has served. Just when our proverbial guard has been let down, the author shifts the almost motley, likable protagonist into a most loathsome, detestable antagonist. No easy feat for any author, yet Kapitan precisely achieves this without contributing strife or convolution along the way.

The main character’s general disdain for women is highlighted through and through. Giving a most chilling segue unto the evil deeds done. The very evil entity dubbed quite mundane as Bob is a perfect metaphor behind Aaron’s atrocities. The metaphor is what breathes very real life into horror and vice versa. Mental illness is an epidemic within our contemporary society.

We may very well have our own version of Aaron living right next door to us, a co-worker, a stranger stuck in commuter traffic behind us. A sheep’s clothing discriminates against no wolves.

The final act of Night of The Undead Whores or more aptly final pages are easily the most spell binding and truly must be witnessed with your own eyes. Be forewarned you may just need a very thorough shower afterwards.

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