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Rainy Day

SYNOPSIS: A dingy diner hosts a super-natural chess game between the forces of Good and Evil. Each move determining the fate of a small town girl and those around her. This film ultimately examines the all too human traits of love, loss, jealousy, betrayal, addiction and maybe even hope.

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SYNOPSIS: “Indelible will not be just any supernatural thriller in the way some think a film like this will play out,” Ford said. “When they get to the end of this movie, audiences will not only have felt tension and fear, but I want it to drive thoughts in a way that will hit hard in the head and stay …

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Black Fawn Distribution to Release Bloody New Horror Film “Bed of the Dead.” New Cover Art Unveiled

Black Fawn Distribution to Release Bloody New Horror Film “Bed of the Dead.” New Cover Art Unveiled. Physical Release Set for This Summer. Black Fawn Distribution is pleased to announce the release of their newest title: the blood-soaked thriller Bed of the Dead. Produced by Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment, Bed of the Dead is the directorial debut of …

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New Johnny Thunders thriller/horror ROOM 37 in theaters May 17th

Wanted to reach out regarding ROOM 37 – THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF JOHNNY THUNDERS, in theaters May 17th from Cleopatra Entertainment. The film, starring Leo Ramsey, Devin McGregor Ketko, Timothy Lee-Priest, and Jason Lasater, includes the infamous Johnny Thunders song “Born to Lose,” along with a vocal appearance by legendary New York Dolls member Sylvain Sylvain.

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Film Mode Entertainment’s OCCUPATION: RAINFALL Buyers have invaded Cannes Sequel to the Successful Sci-Fi Action Epic Adventure Starring KEN JEONG, TEMUERA MORRISON and DANIEL GILLIES Makes Cannes International Market Premiere with first-look footage, stills and a slew of sales Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment announces the Cannes International Market Premiere of first-look footage and stills of the sci-fi action film …

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New Trailer for comedy “PURGE OF KINGDOMS” – unauthorized “Game of Thrones” parody opening July 19th

As Game of Thrones comes to an end, Red Hound Films hope to help fill the void with the hilarious (unauthorized) parody PURGE OF KINGDOMS, starring Angus Macfadyen, Anna Hutchison, Lou Ferrigno and more, opening in limited theaters and on VOD July 19, 2019! Today we are releasing the first trailer, poster and stills – we hope you’ll share with …

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Picante horror from Spain COMPULSIÒN headed to Cannes

COMPULSIÒN, a hot horror movie from Spain screened at the Sitges film festival, will be introduced on the film market of Cannes by EuroObscura. Directed by Angel Gonzalez, COMPULSIÒN is the story of an introverted woman who discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her. As she probes into his life , she will uncover an unsettling truth that will turn her …

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COMING MAY 28th! A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER From Koji Shiraishi, director of GROTESQUE, NOROI THE CURSE, THE SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN and SEDAKO VS. KAYAKO comes A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER: Sang-joon has recently escaped from a mental institution and managed to amass a kill count in the high teens, a South Korean journalist and a Japanese cameraman are invited to …

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