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4 Horror Games You Should Look Into

Horror as a genre often has people thinking exclusively about film. Many people who consider themselves fans of the genre have a lot of different films to choose from here, and even those that dip into it more casually might enjoy being in that frame of mind for 90 minutes or 2 hours before returning to a more normal state of mind.

However, the genre has also seen successful entries in other mediums, like TV and, perhaps more notably, video games. Horror games might not be something that everyone will enjoy, but to those who are even slightly interested in experiences that immerse you in a tense and frightening atmosphere, these could be well worth a second thought.

1.    Alien: Isolation

If you are a fan of horror films, you might well be a fan of Alien – the iconic sci-fi horror that spawned an entire franchise. This game takes the tone of the original film and places you in the role of prey, in an immersive recreation of the universe seen on screen. What makes this particular game more accessible for some is that it was ported over to mobile platforms, meaning that you don’t even need a console to get going if you’re coming in as a fan of film. The mobile platform might be one that you associate with free-to-play games and internet gambling services, but this could open up your perspective on that somewhat.

2.    Resident Evil 2 (2019)

The remake of this beloved classic takes everything that fans loved about it originally and modernizes it – creating a tense but surprisingly in-depth survival horror experience that has you navigating an interconnected mansion while managing your own supplies. With two different campaigns to go through and the famous, ever-looming presence of a mutant following you throughout the experience, the remake proved to be a hit with critics and fans alike, continuing the modern popular consensus that the Resident Evil franchise is back on track.

3.    Silent Hill 2

While this game can be difficult to get your hands on in its original form due to it being locked to older consoles, Silent Hill 2 is a game that has been cemented in the history of the medium as an example of gaming as an art form. While Resident Evil’s horror is more about the monsters and often the gore that comes along with them, Silent Hill 2 is a deeply psychological game. It delves into some emotionally intense territory, which might be something to be aware of before you play, but otherwise, it’s worth seeing why this is held up as such a classic.

4.    Bloodborne

While its classification as a horror game is something to be debated, it can’t be argued that it sits more on that side of the fence than the other titles FromSoftware has produced – even when many of its titles feature disturbing and frightening themes. Bloodborne takes the strongest element of Lovecraftian fiction and delivers a mystifying experience that makes you feel lost and submerged. While the game’s difficulty can be enough to put some people off of it, it’s arguably worth experience for realizing its Lovecraftian ambitions and the gothic horror framing that it all sits within.

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