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Altar (2016)

SYNOPSIS: ALTAR is the terrifying story of a group of former college classmates who get lost driving to a college reunion camp out in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After stopping for the night, they stumble onto something much darker. They must battle to escape the evil they unleashed to not only save their own lives but their souls as well.

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SYNOPSIS: For nearly a thousand years there have been, across Europe, ritualistic sacrifices with the victims being children and teenagers. Five years ago, a boy named Eric Frasier witnessed one of these sacrifices and the experience has driven him insane. He is now resident in a psychiatric home in a district where similar killings have suddenly become increasingly common. The …

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Gambling with Ghosts: the most Haunted Casinos in the World

The trend of urban exploration has become increasingly popular in the past few years with intrepid thrill seekers exploring abandoned structures in search of ghosts and ghouls. Abandoned Hospitals and old asylums are the Holy Grail for ghost hunters, but there’s another place that hosts spooky spiritual guests – casinos. In this article explore an old abandoned casino, some of …

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Survive Hellish Horrors in Apparition, Releasing Halloween

Apparition, the first-person survival horror game from Fat Dog Games and MrCiastku, will be out just in time for Halloween, releasing Oct. 31, 2018. Play a dangerous game of cat and mouse as a paranormal investigator. Capture evidence of the infernal atrocities that occur in Green Creek, then try to escape with your life before becoming the next victim. Probe …

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Ghost Hunting Franchise The Crown announces new chapter w/ Teaser Trailer

DARKLING ROOM ANNOUNCES NEW STANDALONE EXPERIENCE IN THE CROWN FRANCHISE, ‘SILENT NIGHT – A GHOST STORY FOR CHRISTMAS’ TO BE RELEASED DECEMBER 2018  Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Darkling Room announced today Silent Night – A Ghost Story for Christmas, a new stand-alone installment in the Crown ghost-hunting adventure franchise. Silent Night – A Ghost Story for Christmas is the …

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SyFy orignal premiere – Cucuy: The Boogeyman, Premieres Saturday, October 13

Hybrid Entertainment’s upcoming original movie, Cucuy: The Boogeyman, scheduled to premiere on SyFy on Saturday, October 13th (7p/6p CT) is a timely twist on the indelible legend of a story young children are told by their mothers about a Latin American boogeyman known as the Cucuy who would come at night to snatch misbehaving children and take them back to …

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Local God (2014)

SYNOPSIS: After living through some tragic events, a rock band composed by twenty-year-old, immerse themselves in a conceptual project that winds-up becoming a three track album that deals largely with their guilts, fears and traumas. Each song has the distinctive quality of including the most heart-wrenching incidents lived by the band members, who wish to purify their darkest moments through …

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Rainy Day

SYNOPSIS: A dingy diner hosts a super-natural chess game between the forces of Good and Evil. Each move determining the fate of a small town girl and those around her. This film ultimately examines the all too human traits of love, loss, jealousy, betrayal, addiction and maybe even hope.

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