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Tina Grimm

Tina Grimm 2Horror Actress: Tina Grimm

How did you get in to the horror industry?

I just kind of fell into it. Shortly after production finished on my first film “Never Escape” in 2009, the film’s director, Jon Mancinetti asked me if I wanted to shoot a short called “Killerdate.com.” Although “Never Escape” had it’s thriller moments, it wasn’t a true horror film. I was excited to try something new and Jon was confident I could pull it off. We ended up winning the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s 30 Second Horror Film Contest.

So, I must’ve done something right. After that, I was approached by a director working on a horror film called “Melon Heads.” He wanted me to come in and audition for the lead. I was flattered for the invite. I walked into the casting office and was greeted like a celebrity and offered the part on spot. After the completion of that film, the director, Eddie Lengyel, asked me back on his next film “Kandie Land.” It was that performance that gained me the reputation of a local Scream Queen.

Are there any horror films that have inspired your acting?

“Scream” has always held a special place in my heart. But I can’t really answer why because I’m not sure myself. It’s always stood out to me. The film that has inspired my acting, however not horror, is “Edward Scissor Hands.” I remember as a kid getting sucked into the crazy world of Tim Burton and almost hypnotized by Johnny Depp’s performance. I knew right then that I wanted to be an actor.

What’s the most difficult part of acting in horror films?

The screaming and crying are easy. It’s staying serious that sometimes gets me in knots. I’m such a goof and when you are on set all covered in corn syrup, prosthetics, and chitlins (yea you read that right), it’s hard not to crack a joke or two. I get the job done, but like to have fun in the process too.

Are there any type of roles that you haven’t had the chance to do yet that you hope to do sometime?

There are a couple of roles I really want to take a stab at. No pun intended. I’ve played the killer, I’ve played the victim, I’ve played the hero. I’d love to play someone with a mental illness. Psychopath, sociopath, etc. I’m always looking for roles that would challenge me. I’d also like to play the role of a drug addict. I really just want to step out of the box and give the world a side of me they have never seen before.

What projects do you have coming up?

Aside from tweaking my screenplay I’ve been writing over the last year or so, I have a couple of films lined up including “Dracula’s War.” The year is only half way over so keep your eyes out for more exciting things yet to be revealed. :)

How could people reach you?

All of my contact info including my Manager and Agent’s can be found on my IMDB page.

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Tina Grimm was born, Christina Marie Grimm, on February 19th, 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio. She always had a passion for the arts. During her childhood she was notorious for putting on one act plays for an audience of stuffed animals, as well as organizing neighborhood fashion shows. Her imagination ran wild as she looked for creative ways to entertain her friends and family. Tina also had an eye for the visual arts. In school she quickly gained the reputation as the “doodler,” constantly drawing on book covers and assignments. Although her teachers didn’t always approve, they looked forward to seeing her creativity. After graduating high school with honors, she received a scholarship to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design where she studied film and animation.

During her third semester, however, Tina realized something was lacking. She missed her entertainer side.
In 2002 Tina withdrew from college and started modeling. She was represented by several agencies throughout Ohio and Chicago. In 2009 Tina made her acting debut as the female lead in the independent film “Never Escape.” Her outstanding performance in this film launched her into the Cleveland film scene and left her in high demand for several features, shorts, commercials, and music videos. Tina also continued to model, becoming a Cleveland favorite.In 2012 Tina was cast as the female lead in the feature film “Joe’s War” staring Ed Asner, Armand Assante, and Michael Markiewicz. The film has become a festival success.

This role opened many doors for Tina’s career in the NYC market.In 2014 Tina knew she had to move out of Cleveland to further her career. She needed the challenges of a larger market to explore her full potential as an artist. With all of her experience and networks on the East Coast Tina thought that NYC was a no brainer. But, a twist of fate sent her in the opposite direction. She moved to Los Angeles that summer. She hit the ground running booking several short films, music videos, and commercials, as well as becoming SAG eligible within the first two months. Aside from many projects slated to film later this year, Tina has also written her first screenplay which she hopes to fund soon.“People always ask me if it’s hard to pursue such an impossible dream. And I reply the same every time: Define impossible. The only limitations we have are ourselves. Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. People fail to realize their true potential. It’s a sad thing really. I tell them to close their eyes and picture a life without their true love. Be it a person, pet, hobby, career, etc. Most will say it’s a terrible thought. I look back at them and tell them acting is my true love. So no, it’s not hard to pursue because it’s not impossible to chase after something you live and breathe for.”

Bio Courtesy of Tina Grimm

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